Saturday, April 16, 2016

MOPS Creative far...

I've spent the last two days brainstorming and learning with other MOPS leaders in our region. I found myself challenged over and over again to remember that my purpose while serving in MOPS is to point these moms to Jesus. On my hardest days, it's my faith in HIM that gets me through. I hope and pray we can continue to encourage and equip the moms in our group to depend on the Lord.

As we discussed different ideas and activities that our group has done, I decided to compile all MOPS related posts (up to this point) here, thinking that it might be helpful for other groups looking for ideas.

I have loved being able to help with the creative activities for our group. Sometimes that meant helping with service projects or Christmas teas. But most of the time, that involved our monthly craft time. I have kept our crafts around $1 per person - in order to keep our mom's cost down and to give them ideas for inexpensive gift.

So, in no particular order, here's some ideas.  The project title will link you back to the original post. Feel free to use the instruction pics (the steps are typed onto the pictures) while you are explaining the craft project to your group. We usually let the pictures continue to scroll while the moms glue, paint, etc. in case they need to refer back to one of the steps.

Prayer Journals with a challenge to read through the New Testament together this summer.

Mommy and Me Aprons - we did this project just before Thanksgiving.

Chalkboard Paint Clipboards

Book Page Leaf Wreath 

Mason Jar To-Go Cups. We made extras of these, filled them with candy and gave them to our Moppet Workers as a "Thank You" gift.

MomProm 2015- our end of the year party

NICU Care Packages - service project

Tin Can Planters

ABC Memory Verse Cards

Yogurt Bar

Christmas Tea

MOPS Memo -  Newsletter

Cereal Box Journals - Welcome Gift

Easter Story Box

Washer Necklaces

Mommy 101 (One meeting where we rotate three groups through different topics) - Decorating Cheaply

Paint Stick Stars - Christmas Decor

Chalkboard Coasters

Magnetic Pin Dish - I find it is easier to keep track of little items on the craft supply tables if they are contained...we used these yarn needles for the Cereal Box Journals

Elastic Hair Ties

Clothespin Wreath

Leather Tassel Key Chain

I always post our craft/activity ideas here the week after our meetings in case the moms are wanting to purchase supplies to make their own. You can also follow my pinterest board where these ideas get posted.

I am still amazed that God continues to use my love of crafts and projects to minister to ladies. I don't know why I am so surprised...He made me this way. I'm sure He had a reason!

I'd love to hear your ideas or how you've implemented some of these ideas in your own MOPS meetings.


  1. Loved your ideas. I've been in the creative activities/craft leadership of our mops group for several years (like 7-8). You have some fresh ideas, so many times I keep getting the same ideas coming up over and over again.
    Over the course of the years we've done:
    citronella candles,
    room air scents
    lip balm
    sugar scrub
    "coffee break" (instant coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans and mints in a cup, decorated)
    A summer "bucket" list of activities for kids
    first aid kits,
    sponge bombs
    portable clothes changing room (hula hoop and shower curtain)
    washer necklaces,
    set of 3 4-sided blocks with three words of each season on them
    photo cubes,
    photo display,
    pictures printed on tissue paper and mod podged onto canvas
    chore charts
    christmas card dispay
    scrapbook christmas cards,
    memory game
    memory wire beaded bracelets
    take and bake Meals
    cake plate stands
    scrapbooked tile trivets
    date jars (would not recomment)
    Sharpie colored plates
    Apron painting
    garden gazing ball
    Menu boards
    coffee filter wreath
    pine cone door hanger
    letters hammered into spoons garden stakes
    Potted herbs
    mason jar flower holder on a board
    Post in note holder with matching pen
    ...and more