Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Clothespin Wreath at MOPS

At our MOPS meeting right before Thanksgiving, we needed a quick craft to add at the last minute. Using some cardboard circles (normally used to go under cakes) and some clothespins, the moms were able to take home a wreath that could be used for several different occasions.

The hardest part of the this quick craft was locating 3,000 clothespins. Normally, I plan for 100 ladies. But since this was for our morning group, I only had to plan for 60. Three Walmarts and a Dollar Tree later...we had enough clothespins.

Using a plate, we traced the inside circle of the wreath. Once the cardboard center was removed, each mom grabbed 50 clothespins. Our cardboard circles were 12". These cake circles make excellent wreath forms. We also used them for this wreath last year.

Some found it easiest to clip their clothespins around the outside of the circle to help determine the spacing needed.

Hot glue was applied to from the handle tip the metal clip on each clothes pin.

Working around the circle, the handle tips of each clothespin were lined up along the center edge of the wreath.

Since it was the week of Thanksgiving, some moms used their wreaths to record what family members were thankful for. One mom even spray painted her wreath to add some color.

Then, once Christmas cards begin to arrive, it becomes a cute way to display those holiday greetings.

Or it can always just be a cute wreath on a door...or in your laundry room. You could even display Birthday cards with it.

I love an easy, versatile project. 

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