Friday, March 27, 2015

Chattanooga Zoo Membership - Great Deal!

I have been anxiously looking for this Groupon Deal to show up again...

Last year we purchased a One Year Family Plus Membership for the Chattanooga Zoo for about half price. It included unlimited admittance for our family to this zoo for a year, as well as unlimited carousel rides and 2 adult tickets.

It's $55 for the deal - some people have been able to use a coupon code MEGA3 for an additional percentage off (I couldn't get it to work for me, though).

I also ordered this through Ebates, earning us an additional 6% cashback. (We have used Ebates for over 5 years for online purchases and have received several hundred dollars in cashback checks.) If you haven't signed up for Ebates, you can do that here.  If you ever made any online purchases, you could probably be earning cash back!

Also, with your zoo membership, you can get into tons of other Zoos for free or half price. You can check that list out here. We have used ours recently to visit the huge NC Zoo with Jeremiah's family.

I think this deal usually sells out super fast! Hope you get to take advantage of it! If two people sign up using my link by Monday, then we all get an additional $15.95 off.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Through the Halls of Temple U...

There are certain places that become milestones in my life. Places where I spent a considerable amount of time or learned a specific lesson or gained a lasting memory.

One of those places was Tennessee Temple University. My dad graduated from there. My parents grew so much spiritually while he was attending school. I went to kindergarten and first grade at the academy there. 

RA Training

Homecoming  2010 @ the Aquarium

After traveling on Encounter, I was not sure where I would attend college. TTU wasn't on my list...I wasn't against it. I just hadn't considered it. But I was open to the Lord's leading. Through a few God-orchestrated events, I started attending TTU the Spring semester of 2005.

RA training @ Camp Joy

Fire Drill

College Days

I made lasting friendships there. This week, I started going through tons of pictures. 

Half Priced Appetizers

Student Government Campaigns

Biology...I am so glad Sue Gouge taught us!!

As I sat there reminiscing about moments I had forgotten, I thanked the Lord for the friendships that He allowed me to make there. What a blessing it is to see and hear how those friends continue to serve the Lord today. 

Ashlee's Pregnant!!!

Freshman Riverboat Cruise

Before the Carrels left for Brazil

RA Training

The Lord challenged me and grew me while I was at Temple. He opened doors for me to teach classes, lead small groups, sing solos and disciple girls. 

Weigle Christmas Concert

Lookout's Game

Freshman Orientation as an RA

I was mentored and encouraged by teachers, challenged in my spiritual walk and able to help others come to know Jesus better. 

Twin Day

Women's Jubilee

Women's Ministry Majors with Mrs. Martin

I graduated with my BA in Women's Ministry with a minor in Sign Language in 2008. I received my Masters from the seminary there in 2009. 

My t-shirt drawer is still full of TTU shirts. I had the privilege of answering the switchboard for over five years. I've probably said "Tennessee Temple University, this is Cindy" thousands of times. It seems we are always running into someone who says, "I went to Temple..." 

Sparkle Day

Walk for Life


Amigo's 50 cent Tacos

Fire Drill

Riverboat Cruise

I met my husband there. My sister attended and met her husband there. I worked at Camp Joy. I served in the church there. 


Captain Crusader's Fight

Second West Demoss


Dorm Meeting

Cafe TTU

Wednesday Night Bowling

Abbigale Ruth

Tacky Day...Scanning in for chapel

Although there won't be any third generation TTU grads in our family due to the upcoming merger, I
can still instill in my kids the values and lessons that I learned while at Temple. The Lord worked in my life and I know that when the time comes for our kids to head to college, the Lord will also lead them to a place where He can grow and challenge them.

TTU has shaped who I am and holds a special place in my heart. 

I am thankful for my time spent there.

Welcome Baby Will

I learned that if I am open to the Lord's direction and leading, He has greater things in store for me than I could ever imagine. His ways truly are the best ways. It's not about me...It's all about Him. 

Through the halls of Temple U
Hear the Savior's call
Send the Gospel to all nations
Show them Christ is all.