Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cereal Box Journals - Welcome to MOPS!

We had our MOPS kickoff meetings yesterday. Our church is hosting a morning group as well as an evening group (for working/homeschooling moms) this year.

I was able to attend both meetings yesterday. It felt like a MOPS Marathon, but I loved every minute of it.

It seemed that we faced many obstacles yesterday: traffic, a shut-down interstate, a fire alarm and building evacuation and a minor car accident...

But God still showed up and ministered to the moms that attended.

We had a MOPS Memo waiting for each mom, a little bag of candy, a magnet with the dates of this year's Mom's Night Outs, and a pen.

The MOPS Memo had our meeting dates and corresponding topics, our verse/theme for the year, a list of free or cheap activities to do with your kids in our area, our nursery policies, and a list of the restaurants that do the free/cheap kids meals on certain nights of the week.

Our pastor challenged us from 2 Corinthians 4 to make sure that we are filled with the right things and to not give up.

I found this idea for our first craft from this blog. I loved that they used these simple journals to give some important information as well as provide some places for the moms to take notes at upcoming meetings.

We had a title page, a page with a verse and theme for the year,

a list of the meeting dates and a place for them to write down contact info for moms they have met.

We had most of the craft prepped ahead of time. My crafty partner and I had collected cereal boxes all summer. We had cut the covers and the pages, stapled them together, and prayed over the recipients of the journals.

The covers were 10"x 7" - once folded, it made for a 5"x 7" journal.

The ladies picked up a journal and three 5x7 inch pieces of scrapbook paper.

They glued the scrapbook paper to the inside front and back covers.

And the third piece of scrapbook paper was folded and glued over the staples.

We then punched little holes in the front cover with a mini-hole punch. The moms cut a 40 inch piece of twine and selected a button.

A super big knot was tied.

Using a yarn needle, they attached the button to the front cover.

And some were so proud to learn how to sew on a button.

The long strand of twine then is used to secure the journal.

I am so excited to see how God will fill those blank pages of the journals. Whether it's memories, quotes, verses or prayer requests, I know that He has some great plans for these moms. We plan to make up the left over journals for moms that join later on in the year. (So, if you missed the first meeting...we will have a journal for you!) We want them to have a place to record what God is doing in their lives too!

I love to journal my prayers and what God is teaching me. And I love this verse.

As moms, it is our job to instill truth into "future generations." What we are learning at MOPS helps us to lead those "future generations" to praise the Lord. I pray that this journal provides a place to record those truths. 


  1. Love this thanks for sharing! I found on the mops website!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! It's a super fun, cheap craft. I will post all our crafts on the blog for the year.