Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No-Sew Glider Cushion Cover

I've had Hudson's glider in Nora's room for several months, but I am finally able to say that it matches her decor.

I had originally purchased this glider for $25 from a local thrift store before Hudson was born. It looked as if it had never been used. My talented mother-in-law covered the ugly 90's blue cushions to match Hudson's room. I loved it.

But it didn't match my green theme in Nora's room.

I have a sewing machine and I can sew straight lines, if forced to. However, I usually end up frustrated and ready to throw the entire machine off the back deck. In order to avoid another battle with the sewing machine, I've had a blanket draped over the cushion for the last several months. It looked lumpy and would just be a mess after one middle-of-the-night rocking.

While I was putting away some laundry yesterday, I had an idea. I had purchased a green dotted crib sheet at a yard sale for $1 because it matched Nora's room.

Since her bedding already has lots of patterns, the sheet has just been sitting in her drawers. I'd figured I could make a pillow out of it some day.

I didn't have to cut it or sew it or manipulate the sheet in any way. I simply stretched it over the cushions and tucked it around the edges firmly. The elastic around the edges held it in place magically. Nora thinks it fits nicely.

And, it looks like I sewed a new cover...but I didn't. This will also be super easy to wash in the event of a spit up or some other kind of mess.

I'm still loving the changing table being in the closet. It leaves her room feeling open and spacious. And, I can close the closet doors for an even cleaner look. (PS. Is anyone else obsessed with those green IKEA laundry baskets? I love leaving one on the bottom shelf of her changing table for her dirty clothes.)

All other aspects of her room are still pretty much the same. Her crib is sitting quite a ways away from the wall, though. She likes to beat on or scratch the wall when she wakes up.

And she's also pulled off a few of my gold bulbs on her marquee letter. I've just got to hot glue those back in place.

I love that she is growing into a little lady. She loves to cross her ankles when sitting. She is on the move these days, pulling up and getting into everything.

Since she moved out of the baby nursery on Sunday, I transitioned her to "Big Girl Bag." I love seeing it hanging on her little hook by the door.

I can't believe that she is already 11 months old.

Guess it's about time I got her glider cushions covered. I just wish I had thought of this simple solution sooner!

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