Monday, May 4, 2015

Tin Can Planter - Last MOPS Meeting this Year

For our last MOPS meeting, we made Tin Can Planters.

As I have planned each craft time, I have tried to come up with easy and inexpensive ideas that are useful and practical. I love hearing how the moms have made duplicates of our crafts to give as gifts. Not everyone loves a good DIY craft project like I do, but I think that the moms have really enjoyed the opportunity to finish a little project all for themselves. And if an inexpensive project has empowered one of these moms - it's all worth it.

I put out a Facebook plea for tin cans. Last week, we ate a lot of soups, canned fruit and beans! Thanks to lots of people, we collected more than enough.

Here's the steps:

To help the little plants to drain properly, we used a nail/screwdriver/something sharp to punch three holes in the bottom of the tin cans.

Next, they decorated their cans.

 I found these chalkboard labels at the Dollar Tree last week. There was scrapbook paper and ribbon/twine to use as embellishments as well.

I purchased the 6 pack of annuals at Walmart for $1.82.

At the dirt station, the moms filled their can part of the way with potting soil, added a flower, and filled in more dirt around the top of the plant.

Using a plastic tablecloth on the floor and another on the table, we were able to keep all the dirt out of the carpet.

I encouraged them to water their plant at home to help there be less mess at our meeting.

Using Popsicle sticks, bamboo skewers, washi tape, chalkboard tags or scrapbook paper, we made little flags or stakes as plant markers. I figured they could also use the clothespin clip on the side of the can.

I plan to keep my little plant on a saucer. When I water it, my windowsill will stay dry and the little plate will catch any moisture that drains out the bottom of the can.

Then, since we poked the holes in the bottom of the cans, I gave the moms a paper lunch sack to  help carry their planter home.

As I sat at my discussion table for the last time this year, I loved hearing those girls tell what had brought them to MOPS and what they had learned this year. Tears were shed. God has used these meetings to change me!

We've celebrated together, cried together and prayed together. We have shared our stories and mom-fears. We have grown so close this year.

I look forward to playdates and "crafternoons" this summer. I am already planning out our fall crafts/activities and I can't wait to meet with these moms again.

I hope that this little project will bring some happiness and cheer to these hard-working mom's lives. And, I hope it will serve as a reminder, all summer long, that their MOPS friends love them! Little plants around my home always remind me that God is in control of everything and cares for even these little plants...and if He cares for the plants, then He certainly cares about me.

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