Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MOPS Craft: Mommy and Me Aprons

Our "Eyes to See Feasting" theme was the perfect time to make these "Mommy and Me Aprons" from reusable shopping bags. 

Our speaker encouraged us to turn ordinary moments into celebrations. Notice goodness around you. Know who you are (a daughter of the King) and live that way. Be intentional about slowing down. Don't be afraid to life your life fully. Be generous (not just with your money, but also with your heart and home). And most importantly, "Don't wait until you have something to celebrate - you already have it! Ask for eyes to see it!"

It's our job as mothers to teach our kids and model this attitude of celebration. As the holidays approach, I pray that I am able to celebrate the little moments along the way instead of getting caught up in the stress and to-do lists. 

I purchased these large reusable shopping bags from TJ Maxx for 99 cents. They can also be found at this price at HomeGoods and Marshalls. Other places, like Michaels, had cute patterns for $1.99. 

After the moms selected their bag, they cut the side panels off, cutting inside the seam. This left one long piece - handle to handle. 

If you cut along the bottom of the bag on one side, you are left with a mommy size (front side and bottom) and a kid size (back side of bag). 

Little arm hole sections helped the aprons seem less boxy. We cut shorter armholes for the kid aprons. 

Wrapping ribbon around themselves one and a half times, the moms cut the belt. 

The belt was then cut in half and hot-glued to the back side of the apron. You could sew this in place or use fabric glue. I just avoid sewing as much as possible. 

The handle becomes the neck strap. For the kid apron, I was able to get a better fit by cutting the neck strap in half and tying it into place. The ends of these handles can be melted with a lit match or sealed with clear fingernail polish. 

The aprons are adorable plain - but some moms got creative with the pieces that were cut off for the arm holes, adding side pockets topped with a button.

Another mom glued the two arm hole pieces together and attached it to the top front of the apron for a pocket.  

Ruffles could also be sewn onto the bottom of the apron to add more length or frill. 

I love that this material is easy to wipe off and won't fray. It would work great for crafting or painting too. 

Since the side panels that we cut off were too cool to discard, my crafting partner and I came up with these fun little pouches. 

The sides were hot glued into place and the pouch was secured with a button and some twine (just like our welcome journals here). 

These make great little storage pouches or adorable gift wrap for the upcoming holiday season. 

One mom made her girls purses from the side panels by attaching ribbon handles. 

A little stick-on velcro will hold the flap down securely for the purses. 

You could easily make aprons for every holiday! Or make them at a kid's birthday party. Or use them for your art class. The possibilities are endless for this cheap, but cute craft. 

Regardless of how the aprons are used, I hope that it reminds these moms to celebrate the little things and keep their eyes open for feasting opportunities! 


  1. Oh!! This would be perfect for my Girl Scouts. They could make the big ones as a Christmas or Mother's Day gift and we could donate the child-sized set to a kindergarten classroom for art project . Voila--gift and service project all in one:) THANKS!

    1. That's a great idea! If you take pics you can do a guest
      Blog post about the experience!!