Monday, April 18, 2016

Cheap, Cute Pillow Covers

UPDATED: I found a bunch more cheap pillow covers!!! See the bottom of the post.

I love switching up my decor - and a pillow cover is an easy way to do that. I especially love that it is easy to store an empty pillow cover when it's not in use. I saw these cute pillows on Amazon recently and purchased one to see how the quality was. (Purchase link)

$2.70 (and there was no shipping) was definitely in my price range. The pillow arrived today and it is cute. It's a darker tan background (think lighter burlap) and the words are screen printed onto the top. But I love the look! And the zipper closure is easy to use and stuff as well. And I am happy to say that the price is still under $3 today. For that price, I was pleased.  Keep an eye out though...Amazon changes prices frequently.

This Let it Be pillow was also listed as $2.88, no shipping cost.

There are two different shades of blue pillows at this link under $5.

And if you have Prime, these octopus pillows are cute at $5.49.

Just passing on a good deal! 


  1. This very lovely pillow covers. Please share Bed Linens design.

  2. This is lovely collection. I also recently purchased pillow cover from Mirraw. It is good and reasonable. Thanks for sharing this collection.

  3. I want to buy some throw pillow, can you give me any discount link for amazon.

    Thanks in advance.