Friday, December 5, 2014

Decorating Quickly and Cheaply

This week at MOPS, we did rotating sessions dealing with different aspects of the home. In 20 minute segments, the moms went to three different booths: Menu Planning, Organizing the Home and Decorating the Home. We called it Mommy 101

I was able to share some ideas to help the moms decorate quickly and cheaply. I brought a car-load of items from home (because you can't talk about decorating with an un-decorated table!). I told the girls, I love to change up my decor in my home but I don't have lots of time or money to put into it. Here are the tips I shared with them.

1. Use similar styles in multiple rooms of your home. If my rooms are decorated in similar styles, I can easily switch out decor. If I am looking to make a new centerpiece for my kitchen table, I can grab a lantern from my bedroom.

2. Be realistic about how much you can accomplish during a naptime. I know that I won't have a few hours to complete a project. So, I only get out the supplies I need for part of my intended DIY. Then, the clean up is easier and I am not frustrated that I didn't finish the entire project.

3. Make the decorations you do have able to serve more than one purpose. For example, I don't buy birthday decor for every birthday. I pull out the "birthday banners."

Many decor items in my home are also used for storage. The vintage suitcases on top of my tv unit hold scrapbook supplies. And the red hutch in my living room holds the toys that I rotate for my son. (Read about toy rotation here).

And remember that black and white items are quite versatile!

3. Buy cheap items - then you aren't as attached to them, it's ok if a child breaks it, and you won't feel bad for painting it a different color when you get tired of it!

4. Keep certain supplies on hand. Then, when the children are all miraculously occupied or asleep, you can easily pull out the supplies you need and craft!
  • Spray paint (and don't buy the cheapest spray paint. It will run and you will think that you are just bad at spray painting!)
  • Sample pots of paint (home improvement stores will mix any color for you in a little sample pot. They are usually $2-$3 and really will cover more than you think.)
  • Foam paint brushes (These are cheaper in the paint section than in the craft section. Same brush...cheaper price)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Mod Podge (Make your own...two parts school glue, one part water)
  • Wrapping Paper (I'm obsessed with the $1 rolls from the Target Dollar Spot! - Michael's sells $1 rolls too)
And here's some ways to use the wrapping paper...besides wrapping gifts. I've included links to previous posts. 

To make a wooden block nativity

As a table runner

As drawer liners.

Decoupaged onto the side of dresser drawers.

4. Use nature in your decor. A walk in your back yard is cheap...the sticks or pine cones you pick up are FREE! This time of year, branches of pine or cedar are quite festive. Add a few red berries and you will have a free centerpiece.

And you can add some easy yarn pom-poms to your sticks for a cute arrangement.

Here are links to some other projects we discussed.

DIY Himelli Wreath from drinking straws and floral wire.

Spray Painting Antlers - Make sure you check with the hunters in your life. You wouldn't want to spray paint their prize antlers that they were hoping to mount in their natural color.

Lining your Refrigerator Shelves with placemats for easy clean up.

And here is a Christmas Printable. Take your pdf or jpef file on a jump drive to any office supply/printing place (like FedEx). I was able to print these full size sheets of cardstock for less than 25 cents. The printing quality is much better than our home printer and it doesn't take all of my ink. I hung mine on a wire hanger with clothespins and a bit of greenery and ribbon. Other times I frame the printed picture/quote/verse.

It's easy to think that you need lots of dollars in order to decorate your home, but you don't!

And since my crafting time is limited and all depends on when my children sleep, these simple projects are exactly what I need.

(And if we discussed some project Monday that I have forgotten about, comment below and I will share the appropriate link)

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