Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Story Box

At MOPS this morning. we discussed the topic of "Raising Adults." other words, thinking ahead to the type of people our children will be become. We talked about things we are doing to encourage them now, instill truth in them now, and highlight their personalities and abilities.

I had asked my mom for a bit of advice (since my oldest child is not yet an adult....he's only 3). She said remember that when I am teaching my children to respect and obey me that I am ultimately teaching them to respect an obey God.

I decided to claim Galatians 6:9 as my verse for this topic...I don't want to give up!

So, let's not get tired of doing what is good. 
At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.
Gal. 6:9, NLT

Instead of a craft today, we decided to give the moms a tool to use to teach their children the Easter story. 

Using some little items and a small box, the story of Jesus' death and resurrection can easily be explained. 

Purchasing in bulk, we were able to make these little boxes for around 55 cents each. You can buy the boxes here and the little wooden people here.  The booklet printable can be found here. The rest of the items were made from paper and some scrap white fabric. It would even be a great tool to use on a mission's trip to explain the gospel.

The palm branch and the little wooden Jesus depict his triumphal entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. 

The lid to the box becomes the table for the Last Supper. I printed the wine/bread picture onto white card stock, using clip art on my computer. 

After gluing the cross to the underside of the box, you can stand Jesus in front of it, as if He were on the cross. 

Then, wrapping Jesus in the white strip of fabric, He can be placed into the tomb. 

And leaving the empty grave clothes in the empty tomb, Easter Sunday can be celebrated. "He is not here....He is risen, just as He said."

I had most of the items prepped so that the moms could just pick up the pieces they needed. 

And I sent each mom home with this printable, to remind them to be the mom they want their children to remember! 

I left feeling encouraged and challenged to continue to pour truth into my children. And I pray that the other moms felt the same. We always have a great time encouraging each other to keep going. 

And it's a bonus when a mom decides to dress like my craft table decor.


  1. Adorable! I'd like to do this too with my nieces and nephews!

  2. What an excellent idea! I'll have to share this with our craft coordinators. :)

  3. Which size wooden people did you use?

    1. I used a variety of sizes. The package I ordered is linked in the post above