Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Leather Tassel Keychains

Our craft this week at MOPS was super simple. (You can read about our topic of discussion here). Using pieces of faux leather, each mom went home with a cute leather tassel key chain.

I had prepped the leather rectangles before the meeting. Using a rotary cutter, I had cut the pieces into 4"x6" rectangles. I had also drawn a line on the back side of the material with a sharpie one inch from the top.

The first step included cutting a strip off the end that was about 1/4" wide. This would be come the loop to attach to the key ring.

Then, a fringe was cut from the bottom of the material up to the sharpie line. Each of these fringe pieces were approximately 1/4" wide.

Using hot glue, the initial cut strip was attached to the top of the material.

The tassel began to take shape as the material was rolled and glued. As long as a thin line of glue was applied every inch or so, the tight roll held.

I think the tassels look cute on their own, but I had prepared some embellishments as well.

It was fun to watch the individual styles of the moms emerge as they finished off their tassels.

I had been given a book of upholstery samples that provided some of the leather. I was surprised to find out how cheaply it could be purchased, by the yard, from Hobby Lobby. $9.99/yard regular price. Thanks to a sale, We paid around $6/yard - and one yard yielded over 70 key chains. I may plan to top my Christmas packages with these next year...a cute, cheap and practical bow! 

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