Saturday, December 6, 2014

When God Used my Dishes

I am always amazed at the ways the Lord wants to use me. I find myself often thinking that if I surrender to Him, He's going to give me some hard task that I will totally hate. However, time and time again, He gives me the chance to minister to others by doing something I love.

This past week, I had the opportunity to host a table for our church's Ladies Christmas Tea. I've attended my mom's tea for several years (see pictures here, here and here) and had always thought about how I'd decorate a table.

I was so excited to host a table. Many tables were decorated with exquisite fine China, but I don't own any. Instead, I used some of my Fiestaware and some of our everyday white plates.

I borrowed a black table cloth and the wood log slices from our MOPS supply closet. After all, this was a table for MOPS. I have, however, requested a set of these slices from my dad.

A burlap table runner, a lantern from my wedding and some faux greenery made a woodsy centerpiece.

I had planned to use the paper bows (just cardstock hot glued - pattern here) as napkin rings. But I had to leave my plate cleared, awaiting the salad plate. I was in love with my checkered napkins and hated to hide that pattern (napkins purchased here). So, the plates got bow ties instead.

Since the tea was to be candle-lit I was worried about not having enough light at my table. I could just imagine my guests having to guess at what food was on their plates. However, when I arrived, the tea-lights and lantern provided the perfect Christmas glow.

I also sprinkled some jingle-bell acorns around the table. I had collected the acorn caps from my parent's yard during my last trip home. Hot glue held the jingle bells in place.

I loved to look at all the other table designs.

We were made in the image of our creative God. It was so neat to see the differentl personalities and creative ideas implemented in the table decor.

I was also able to decorate an extra table with some woodsy decor. As I folded the napkins and placed the greenery in my crate, I prayed for the women that would sit in these seats.

I prayed that they would feel special and loved. I prayed that their hearts would be receptive to the truths presented.

After three nights of the tea, 1800 women were reminded of the treasure that they are in God's eyes.

Each of those 1800 ladies received a tea cup made of fine China. Different phrases were written on the bottom of the tea cups.

God's Child, Treasured One, Cherished, Forgiven, Unbound... As I handed out the tea cups to the guests at my table, I prayed that they would receive the word that they needed to hear. I love that they were able to take home a visual reminder of the love of God.

I am so thankful for the friends that were able to join me this evening. The Lord has truly blessed me with some amazing relationships.

I placed the same centerpiece on my kitchen table. It reminds me that God knows who I am and what my interests are.

I have learned so much from the Bible story of Deborah (read bout that here). She was a leader. She didn't just make casseroles for potlucks at church or play the piano. (And I know those things are needed) She had a strong personality and God used her to help lead the Isrealites into battle.

God gave me these interests and talents. Why is it surprising to me when He wants me to use those things to minister to others?

When I surrender to Him, He can use some everyday dishes, some acorn caps, a few pine cones and some silverware. He can use those ordinary items and my willing heart to encourage someone else.
Why do I ever question Him or His ways? He does what is perfect...every time.  I am just glad He uses me...all while I am doing something I love.


  1. When I first read this title, I thought it said, when God washed my dishes. I was thinking, man, sign me up for that one!!

    I love how your church does this. Super fun. And that is a lot of ladies that attended. Your table looks amazing. I am impressed by how you are able to find ways to use your talents to serve the Lord. Inspirational for sure!

    1. I totally wish God would wash my dishes!

      When I first posted this, I had accidently typed " when God used my dises". This poor title....ha