Monday, February 8, 2016

Elastic Hair Tie Gift Sets

Last month, we made this quick craft at MOPS. These elastic hair ties are great for personal use, but also make a really creative gift. With a cute saying, they would even be the perfect candy-less valentine to share.

You can buy colorful, patterned elastic at most craft stores. I bought ours at Hobby Lobby when the ribbon was marked 50% off. That made each 9 foot roll to be $1.50.

Elastic strips cut in 9 inch segments make the perfect sized pony-tail holder.

After securing both ends in a single knot, the ties are ready to go.

Some of the ties have a tendency to fray. If you are worried about fraying, you can finish the ends with a coat of clear fingernail polish.

After tying the ties around a piece of cardstock, a clever saying is all that is needed to complete this little gift.

"Our friendship ties us together." or "I would KNOT be the same without your friendship."

I love to use these ties on my own hair - it seems to leave less of a "pony-tail crease" and it looks cute on my wrist when it's not in my hair.

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