Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Magnetic Pin Dish

When I decided that we would be using needles to sew the button onto our journals for the MOPS Kickoff (see the Cereal Box Journals here), I knew that I needed a landing place for those needles.  I had originally decided to make some type of pin cushion, but I thought that a magnetic dish would be easier - both to make and to drop the needles onto.

Using a regular glass saucer that I had on hand, I glued several strong magnets onto the back side.

I used a strong glue like this one to hold the magnets in place. I glued one magnet at a time, letting it dry for at least thirty minutes before adding another magnet. Otherwise, the magnets would have pulled together.

A stronger set of magnets would do a better job - but I used the magnets that I had on hand.

It made for a great landing place for the yarn needles, and it was easy to make.

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