Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chalkboard Coasters - MOPS Craft

I love that God cares about every detail of this ministry. He continues to show me that He even directs in what craft we do for each meeting.

I had decided to make these chalkboard coasters before I knew the topic we would be discussing. When I found out that it was about our words, I loved that the craft actually complemented the topic. 

Growing up, my mom had this cross stitched verse in her bedroom. 

She lives by these words. She has always been my cheerleader - celebrating who I am and encouraging me to be more. Even Monday morning, she sent me a sweet text telling me that she was proud of me and was praying that I would be a blessing to someone else. 

I am excited that I get to be my kid's cheerleaders - complimenting the unique things about them. These coasters can be used to label who's drink is sitting on them. But they could also be a way to write our kids a verse or an encouraging thought as we set the breakfast table. 

Using 16 cent tiles from Lowes, the coasters were super simple to make. 

First, they picked up 4 tiles and 16 adhesive felt squares. I had purchased the bigger sheets of the adhesive felt and cut them into one inch squares. 

After peeling off the paper backing, the felt squares stuck nicely to the back of the tiles. This will help protect tables from scratches. 

They also picked up a piece of cardboard to paint on, labeling it with their names. 

After applying a thin first coat, we listened to our speaker encourage us to use our words to speak blessings over our children.  Any chalkboard paint will work - I prefer Rustoleum brand myself. 

I love that she said, "You've got to be the person that you want your children to become."  

"It takes a year to learn how to talk - but a lifetime to learn what to say." 

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A second coat was applied to the dry tiles. 

I suggested to let the tiles dry for 24 hours before writing on them. After 24 hours, it is safe to "prime" your chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over the entire surface. Erasing all that chalk gives the surface that chalky feeling we are all used to. 

If you don't prime your chalkboard surface, your first written message will always linger in the background. 

Twine and leaf shaped gift tags were available in case they wanted to give these coasters as a gift. 

I also had a stack of paper bags for them to easily transport their coasters. 

I always love my time with these moms. I am so thankful that the Lord led me to this MOPS ministry. And I am excited to see what God teaches us in the meetings to come. 


  1. So cute! We are thinking of doing this with our MOPS group. Did you do anything to prime the tiles? Are the tiles the shiny ceramic type?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. They are the shiny ceramic tiles. Cheapest ones from Lowes. I didn't prime them. Just had the ladies paint thin first coats. And make sure to let them dry 24 hrs at least before writing on them.