Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Himelli Wreath

I'd been trying to find the perfect idea for wall decor over the guest bed in Nora's room. I wanted something to fill the space, but didn't want to just put up a big picture or a collage of frames. One night, I came across the idea for a Himelli wreath. The "real" versions of these wreaths are usually made from copper tubing and can cost close to $200.

Obviously, that was out of my price range (considering I got the crib for free...).  And I find great satisfaction in making something myself. I found a super easy-to-follow tutorial video here from Vintage Revivals.

When I got married, I had used black straws for our guests to sip their lemonade. At the time, it was cheaper to buy 1,000 of the straws than a couple hundred. And, since I didn't quite have 1,000 people at the wedding....we are still using the black straws to this day. In the video tutorial, she suggests using cocktail straws. My regular drinking straws worked just fine.

I cut them down into four inch pieces, found some leftover wire from another craft, and started following her video. In less than an hour, I had a fun, modern looking wreath. I had enough straws but had to purchase more wire in order to make three of these wreaths. I used 24 gauge wire that can be found in the craft section. The color doesn't really matter - I can't see it in my completed wreaths. I used green wire on one wreath and gold on the last two.

I may end up spray painting the wreaths gold like the original video showed in order to coordinate with the gold "bulbs" on the faux marquee letter, but for now, they are filling the void above the guest bed quite nicely. And over time, I may grow more accustomed to the black.

 I imagine you could use any colored straw for this project. I would, however, steer clear of the paper straws. The wire, at times, threatened to rip through my plastic straws. It seems it would do a lot of damage to a thin paper straw, but I could be wrong.

These would make cute centerpieces for a party, sitting on a mirror with a candle or pot of succulents in the center. They are lightweight and hang on the wall easily with one tiny nail. They might even look really cool hanging from the ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

I'm enjoying working on this half of the room - I've got a few more elements to finish. I used to have a red quilt on this bed - I wanted something that would blend in more. The berries in the curtains are pink and red. The fabric on the crib bedding has pink and red in it...but I wanted the green to be the main color used. My mom passed on this awesome cream colored chenille bedspread. Using some leftover fabric from the crib bedding and the curtains, I was able to sew a few pillows. They add the perfect amount of color to the bed.

I'm no seamstress - I've never claimed to be. I sew "straight" lines and an occasional button. No sleeves. No circles. Nothing too detailed. I've even been known to hot glue fabric to avoid sewing. So, if you happen to visit this room, don't scrutinize my seams. Some of them are loopy and knotted. One piece got sewn on backwards (luckily it was a fabric that wasn't too obvious and it is the back of one of the pillows). But I did it! They look like pillows. And they haven't fallen apart yet.

Hudson is loving the time we spend in this room. It is usually off limits to him. He is enjoying the Bumbo seat and this little school desk. He is always finding a new treasure to explore. I love that little boy's curiosity.

I'm kind of obsessed with the look of these wreaths and they were so fun to make. I may end up putting one in my living room as well. After all, I've got the straws already on hand!


  1. The wreaths are great! Simple decor that you can get tired of in a few years and not mind. Of course, you will probably just move them to another place and make them look just as good!

    Great job sewing your pillows! I am sure they look amazing! They do in the pictures. :)

    1. I need some sewing lessons from you!