Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gift Box Wreath

I admit it...I am a wrapping paper hoarder. Especially those awesome patterns that Target has in the Dollar Spot. It's so easy to pick up a roll (or four). Then, as I get near the end of the roll - I stop using it. "What if I want that paper later for something but it is all gone?" "That paper is my favorite. I don't want to forget about it."

I think I've always loved pretty patterns. I remember I had this awesome rainbow striped umbrella when I was around 4 years old. But as most umbrellas do - it broke. I was so upset about the thought of throwing away my pretty umbrella that my mom let me cut a piece of the fabric to keep in a photo album. True story.

I get attached to the packages I wrap, as well. Maybe it's because gifts is my primary love language. Maybe it's because I love a creative wrap job. I get all my Christmas shopping done early just so that the packages can stay wrapped longer.

I know. I'm weird.

But the other day, as I stared at my rolls of wrapping paper, I remembered a project I had seen on a blog. It took some creative searching, but I finally found the idea that would help my obsession.

You can see the inspiration project here. I loved the look of her adorable patterns and couldn't wait for Hudson to go to sleep so that I could begin on my own. If I made this wreath, then I could forever have some of my wrapped packages.

You will need just a few supplies.

1. Wrapping paper - all the rolls are from the Dollar Spot @ Target except for the light wood pattern on the far right. That one is just contact paper.

2. A wreath form - You could simply cut out a circle from cardboard. I had a brown cardboard-ish form from another wreath in the garage.

3. Ribbon, baker's twine, regular twine, yarn, bows - whatever you want to embellish your boxes with

4. Hot glue - to attach boxes to the wreath form

5. Lots of little boxes

I'm sure you could purchase little jewelry boxes, but I decided to just go through the house. Bandaid boxes, drink mix boxes, jello boxes, etc.

Now for the fun part! Wrap your boxes, making sure to evenly distribute the different patterns. Or, I guess if you used just one roll of wrapping paper you wouldn't have to do as much arranging.

You could leave your boxes plain. I chose to wrap baker's twine and regular twin around a few, just to add a little more depth.

Hot glue those pretty little packages to your wreath form.

Since it was rainy and cold today, I enjoyed a cup of coffee while I waited for my hot glue gun to heat up.

You could tie a string or ribbon around the wreath for easy hanging. I decided just to use a metal wreath hook on one of our interior doors. I know this would look so fun on our front door - but I hated the thought of it getting wet.

Plus, if it is hanging inside, I get to enjoy it more!

Jeremiah asked what was inside the gift boxes...Nothing! I just wanted to enjoy the wrapping paper.

I'm already contemplating a Birthday edition of this wreath! Guess I need to start collecting more little boxes. 


  1. Super fun! You are way too creative. I think I need to hire you for a weekend of interior designing at my house!

  2. I'm going to attempt something like this tonight! I'm excited to try! thanks for the inspiration! I love seeing all your ideas!

    1. I'd love too see your finished product! Blog about it!

  3. I love this idea! Thanks for linking this wonderful post up to my “Themed Blog & Shop Hop!”