Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Play with Something "New"

I was starting to notice that Hudson might be getting a little bored. Recently, it has either been super hot and humid or pouring rain. Lots of "inside time" has been challenging.

Our living room, most evenings, was looking like this. I joked on Instagram that it felt very much like SunnySide DayCare - however, no toys were harmed during this playtime!

Despite all the toys, Hudson's new go-to activity was taking the pillows off the couch and then putting them back on the couch.

So, the other evening, after he had gone to bed, I decided that I would re-organize the toys and do some rotating. I had recently cleaned out the red hutch, thinking that I might move it into the baby girl's nursery for her clothes and supplies. I have since changed my mind, but I was still left with an empty hutch.

Toy rotation would work perfectly in a coat closet near the living room - except that we don't have one. The hutch shelves now hold several of Hudson's toys. When I sense boredom again, I'll pull out a few surprises.  And the hutch, with the closed doors, keeps my living room from looking like a daycare.

So far, Hudson hasn't been crawling behind the couch. Since there is an outlet back there with the lamp plugged into it, I've been trying to discourage him from even considering the fact that he would fit back there nicely. The one side of the couch now has our typewriter table and the pouf from his nursery.

I stuck a basket full of blocks at the other end.

I also put a few of his books on the library cart across the room from his book tub. The tub was getting too full, creating an easy avalanche if all the books were picked up.

Just moving items to a different location in the living room has worked out so well for us. The next morning, I didn't point out any changes - I just let Hudson find them on his own. He is becoming so observant these days. I knew that in no time he would discover my surprises.

He spent forever just looking at the cart. It was filled with toys and books that are very familiar to him - but the different arrangement made all the difference.

I can remember walking into my elementary classroom some mornings to find that my teacher had rearranged our desks. It always gave me a new level of excitement. It is for this reason that I still love to rearrange my own areas in our home.

Hudson was thrilled with his "new" play things.

Taking some of the books out of his very-full book tub also allowed him to find some of his favorite books that had recently become buried. And I must admit, I am glad to read a few different titles to him. Those five or six books on top were becoming way too familiar.

Most of our morning went by without him even noticing the "new" basket of megablocks. I figured that as soon as he saw it, he would dump the entire container. However, he took his time, laying out blocks in rows all along the couch...

...and the coffee table. He is an organized child.

In true boy fashion, the basket eventually got dumped.

But it was no surprise to me that he then proceeded to pick up every block, placing it back into the basket.

With the new toy locations, Hudson played independently most of the day. It made me want to think about rotating the toys more often. Even if I just brought out a new item everyday, the rewards would be worth it.

And one of my favorite benefits of not having all of his toys accessible at all times is that clean-up is faster!

Especially if part of Hudson's fun is putting the toys back into their containers! It's not something I'm going to discourage! 

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  1. I love the idea of not giving them all the toys all the time. This is something I would love to implement one of these days here soon! How cool that Hudson likes to put his stuff away!