Friday, March 9, 2012

Easy Free Decorations...It feels like Spring!

During my weekend with family, I packed in lots of projects. From Green Eggs and Ham to remaking an old man shirt, I had a blast. 

I also helped my parents add some vinyl letters and shapes to the church nursery walls. I had never used my Cricut to cut vinyl, but it was so simple! I will definitely be adding some favorite quotes or verses to my walls at home.

And if you read this post, you'll know that I had a great time hanging out with my blogger friend, Joni. Her house is beautiful and who wouldn't be inspired in this craft room.

While she was finishing up her old man polo remake, I snuck around her house taking pictures. I loved this vase of branches on her kitchen table. 

I had also noticed 2 forks on her craft table.

Little did I know that these supplies were the makings of an awesome craft.

There's no need to reinvent a tutorial that someone else has successfully written. Find the original tutorial here.

She had adorable colors of yarn.

I quickly fashioned a few pink pom-poms. I also had made a couple gray ones. One of my gray ones fell off in the car. As we were packing the car for our trip back to Tennessee, I heard my husband say, "What in the world is this?" Apart from the branches, those gray poms look like the biggest dust bunnies you've ever seen.

I proudly took my new spring decorations to my parent's house. I think the pom-poms look like beautiful little flower buds. I was in love...and apparently my mother was too. She thought that it went great with a picture she had in the living room. So, being the great daughter that I am, I found another vase at her house and put the branches in them.  I just wish I had taken a real picture of it, but all I have is the blurry one from my phone.

Yesterday, I went out to the back yard and selected some branches for my vase. I also grabbed a few extra to make one for my neighbor. Before taking the branches inside, I made sure they were bug free.

I made some cream colored pom-poms for my branches.

I am loving the fun wispy look. I put my friend's branches in an empty mason jar. Mine however are proudly displayed in the milk bottle than Joni gave me. She thought it appropriate that the dairy farm was called "Goodwill."

This project is one of my new favorite crafts. It took less than 30 minutes to complete and all the supplies were free. And, it was a fun way to brighten my neighbor's day. It would be super easy to whip up one of these bouquets for anyone feeling down. And, it will be super easy to change out the pom-pom colors to reflect the time of year. It's also a great way to use up those random bits of yarn you may have laying around the house.

And, before you throw away the little bits that you trim from your pom-poms, why not give it to the birds?

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