Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adding Color in an Unexpected Place

I've had this dresser in the guest room (now Nora's room) since we moved into this house. Up until this point, it has held my craft supplies and scrapbook stuff. I have since moved those supplies to other locations. In fact, I am storing scrapbook things inside an old suitcase that is decorating the living room.

The dresser is great for all of Nora's clothes, crib sheets, extra supplies, etc. And it is now fun to open the drawers and see a bit of color.

I had originally thought about painting the dresser green, but decided to leave it cream. Instead, I settled for a nap-time project. I pulled out a coordinating roll of $1 wrapping paper from Target. I know...I know...I use this stuff for everything! But when it's only one dollar and it's super cute, I am glad to say this obsession isn't breaking the bank.

After wiping down each drawer, I measured and cut the wrapping paper to fit just the sides of each drawer. The inside of the drawers were in great shape. I figured it would be easiest to wipe out the drawers in the future as they are. I applied one generous coat of homemade decoupage glue to the side with a foam paint brush. Since the paper was super thin, I didn't bother coating the top with the decoupage glue. I just tried to smooth out as many bubbles as possible.

I've found, with wrapping paper and decoupaging, it's almost impossible to get it perfectly smooth. The paper is super thin and my patience is even thinner. Too much pressing and pulling of the wet paper can cause rips. Once the paper dries, the little wrinkles and bubbles really are not that noticeable. I've decided it's not something to stress over.

I am happy with the added bit of cheer and color that these pieces of wrapping paper add to the room each time I open a drawer.

See, Mom, I do use all those rolls of paper that I buy!

If you have a collection of those cute rolls of wrapping paper, here's some other ideas to begin to use up your stash (other than wrapping gifts).

Cute Drawer Liners

Gift Box Wreath - This would also be cute decor for a party...not just Christmas time.

DIY Kid-Friendly Nativity Set. However, if you kid is into throwing things...these blocks of wood might not seem so kid-friendly to you. Maybe I should rename them "Non-Breakable Nativity Set."

How else do you use wrapping paper? 

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