Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Fridge Fix-Up

I'm super proud of this little project. Who knew that $3.48 could make me so happy.  Each time I open our refrigerator, I am now greeted by this...

And I am sorry to say that I was way too embarrassed at the original dirty state of my refrigerator to take a "before" picture. So just imagine your typical fridge with spills and puddles of unrecognizable things and crumbs.

A week or so ago, I was perusing the clearance end caps at Target. And I came across an awesome 58 cent find.

I purchased six of these red, plastic place-mats. I love the color and pattern - but I would have never paid the original $1.99 each.

Since my time is not my own anymore, I started wiping out the fridge and organizing the contents while Hudson was napping. Once he woke up, I set him in his carseat so he could hang out with me in the kitchen as I finished up my project.

And I must admit that it is ten times easier to clean out your fridge the night before you go grocery shopping. Less to move around. And, it is a good time to notice if you are running low on mayo or jelly or something.

After everything was clean and orderly, I simply cut the place-mats to fit on the shelves.

I even had enough to place pieces in the drawers and door shelves. Now, when something gets spilled, I can just pull out the piece of place-mat and wash that section. I also think that he helps me want to keep things more organized - if it's pretty, I want to keep it that way!

The place-mats had rounded corners. Once I cut them down to size, I was not so happy with the sharp edges. So, like any good crafter, I whipped out my scrapbook supplies.

My scrapbooking corner-rounder did the trick! Now all my pieces look uniform.

And it is probably a little safer to have the rounded corners - not to mention prettier.

When I do a little project, I often wonder if anyone else has done something similarly. I turned to Google and discovered that someone had done the exact same thing with the exact same place-mats. (read about it here).

Now want to get a fun basket or bowl for my eggs. Who says you can't get cute and creative in your refrigerator.

I say, if it helps me to be more organized and keeps things clean -- why not!

I'm only wishing I had picked up enough place-mats for my freezer. But by the time I decided I needed more, my Target was sold out. Oh well!

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  1. Not something I would have thought about doing. I like it though.

    Great pinable pic!