Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some Antlers for my Table

When I planning Hudson's room before he was born, I was looking for a fake deer mount to paint white. But when I never found what I was looking for at a cheap enough price, I went another way with my nursery decor. Someday, I knew I wanted to spray paint some antlers. Fake or Real.

The last time we were at Jeremiah's parents farm, I saw a pile of antlers. So, I asked if I could take a few...and spray paint a few... The guys thought I was weird, but they were ok with my using their antlers in some of my Christmas decor.

My father-in-law brought me five antlers when they came for Thanksgiving. These antlers had sat outside for some time. So, they had already dried out. I simply soaked them in some dish soap and water in order to remove any remaining oils.

After they had dried really well, I spray painted them with a paint plus primer.

Weaving them into some greenery, I decided I wanted them as a table runner.

My great-grandmother's dough bowl and a few Granny Smith apples completed the look.

I am enjoying my winter decor, however, this does not mean I'm ready to start deer hunting. I went with Jeremiah one time - and he told me I was too loud. ha.

But I am happy to decorate with the antlers! 

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  1. I would love to see you out deer hunting! Something I can't say that I have ever done.