Friday, June 27, 2014

Decorating for Zero Dollars

I remember about six months after we moved into this house, Jeremiah asked me, "Will the house ever be 'finished'?" I just smiled back at him and shook my head...I blame my mother - she is always changing things up in her home. I guess she taught me to do the same. It's how I clean (How else do you vacuum behind the couch unless you move it to the other side of the room?) It's how I keep from going crazy or wanting to go shopping everyday. I just move things around our home. It's why I keep random little cans of paint and paint supplies on hand at all times. I never know when an idea may come upon me. And I love when I can complete my vision/idea for zero dollars. Jeremiah doesn't mind the zero dollar part either - actually, he is awesome to let me continue to redecorate, move furniture, etc. He is always willing to hang a nail, remove a screw or reach something that I cannot. I'm so thankful for that! He is always so supportive of the things I love to do.

Today was a "redecorate the house" kind of day. Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was the good night's sleep I had last night (which seems more and more rare during this pregnancy). Maybe it was the fact that my mother-in-love was here to help with Hudson. I woke up ready for some little projects. I worked on a bigger project that should get finished in the next few days, but I also was able to do a few little redo's around the house. 

My mother-in-love brought me a few treasures this visit. I immediately found a use for this vintage tea kettle. The inside was pretty rough looking - way past it's boiling water days. In fact, there is even a hole in the bottom (not ideal for making tea). But it was the perfect container to hold my growing aloe. 

Paired with a painted $1 squirrel and my great grandmother's griddle, I am loving my "new" centerpiece. My potted plant wasn't quite tall enough, but a few wadded-up grocery bags in the bottom of the kettle solved the problem. 

One side of our living room had been feeling a little dark. I was on the lookout for a tall lamp that I could place beside the couch. However, today, I remembered an older typewriter table that I had in the basement. 

Adding a lamp from storage, a canister of candy and a little tea cup - my dark corner is now lit and cute. 

The table, paired with a DIY pouf from Hudson's room also keeps my little explorer from climbing behind the couch. As I've shared before, some decor has dual purposes! 

Since my aloe plant from the tea kettle was needing to be re-potted, I decided to put one of the starts into a little tea cup. I love adding a "living" element to my decor. And since I really don't have a green thumb, I try to stick to cactus-type plants...because if I forget to water them, they will probably still survive!

As I was taking pictures of my now-well-lit corner, Hudson picked up on the fact that I kept moving something a tiny bit, then taking a new picture. He started moving the pouf a little, stepping back and then clapping, looking quite proud of himself. I couldn't help but chuckle. He really does watch everything I do!

To fill the space where my aloe plant once sat on my kitchen window sill, I pulled out an old painted "C." This item, originally from a thrift store, has been painted several colors and moved all around the house. 

I'm loving it's new location. It seems right at home beside my Christmas cactus (again, doesn't require much water!), thrifted shutters, DIY sign and soap dispenser. (And as I glanced back at some old posts to add the links here, I am SOOOO glad that I painted the walls "greige." I'm still in love with the wall color and glad that the blue is gone.)

I love that these areas of my house now make me smile. I also love that I was able to accomplish this happiness without spending a dime. I am so thankful that Grammy was here to play with Hudson while I rearranged and repotted. 

Who knows what things may change around here during the rest of her visit! 

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