Saturday, June 21, 2014

Family Fun

We have recently enjoyed lots of family time here at the Cook house. Whether it was time spent just the three (I guess, technically, it's four) of us, or time spent with visitors - we love making memories together.

Family is important to me. I come from a close family, and I want my children to experience that same feeling of belonging as they grow up. I would pick time with my family over most things in life.

As I flipped through some of the pictures from these gatherings, I figured I might as well share the fun with you.

For Father's Day, we attempted our annual family selfie...and by "annual" I mean that we have taken this picture the past two years. (See last year's pic here). I think it will be so fun to document each year this way.

We struggled a bit this year...

... but finally figured out how to get Hudson in the picture, as well!.

I am so thankful for Jeremiah and the great dad that he is to Hudson. He always takes time to let Hudson know that he is loved, that he is special and that Jeremiah is proud of him.

Hudson is definitely a "daddy's boy," wanting to go everywhere that Jeremiah goes- and that's ok with me! He's picked a great man to be his hero.

With all this hot, hot weather, we have enjoyed lots of water fun.

Hudson would play outside all day long, and he loves being splashed.

Grammy visited recently. Hudson easily talked her into reading lots of books!

We took Grammy to the zoo during her visit with us.

Hudson loves making his animal noises. It's a great place for him to explore and discover.

A few weekends ago, we also received a visit from my sister and her family.

Hudson followed his cousin Pippa everywhere.

They are six months apart in age - Hudson thinks everything she does is the coolest.

I am glad that my sister lives close enough for short day visits. We may not do anything fancy during these times together, but you can guarantee there will be lots of laughter (to the point of tears at least twice during each visit).

Hudson and Pippa had the sweetest little time saying "goodbye." I think some cousin secrets might have been shared.

I am so thankful for my family and the times we are able to be together. I'll take family visits as often as I can and as long as they will stay. I love having our guest room occupied and our kitchen table surrounded.

It's one of the things I love most about our home...the people we share it with

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