Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paint: an Inexpensive Remodel

I love that a coat or two of paint can make something seem brand new. Ever since I painted my kitchen walls "greige," I have been contemplating a back door re-make.

Each morning, as soon as I walk into the kitchen, I open the blinds on the back door. I like to be able to let the natural light flow into the room, and I enjoy seeing our backyard view. But I don't enjoy the stringy mess that the regular blinds made at the top of the door. I've tried curtains, yet I still felt that it wasn't quite the right look for this door.

(You can see a sneak peak of my baby girl's bedding draped over a kitchen chair. My mother-in-love is an awesome seamstress and she worked some magic during her last visit. More pictures to come soon!)

During Friday's naptime, I was able to apply a quick coat and a half of black paint to the door. Using a sponge roller and sponge brush, the job was accomplished quickly and neatly.

I was already pleased with how the black door now tied in nicely with our black appliances.

I had been watching online prices for bamboo shades. I thought the brown would tie in with my table and countertops. Finally, I found an awesome deal. JC Penney's had a 50% off sale and a coupon code for 15% off and free shipping to the store!

Saturday afternoon, after I was sure that the paint had dried properly, my helpful husband installed the blinds. Hudson loves his daddy and wants to be right in the middle of anything that Jeremiah is doing.

He even thought that his tool belt would help the process along.

I think Hudson was pleased with their work.

We shortened the string and removed the tags. I love that these blinds have a flap that covers up all the "stringy-ness" at the top.

And the brown was the perfect color, matching the table. I was worried that this might not be the case, guessing on my color selection online. But I knew that I could easily return the shade if the color was off.

My kitchen feels even more complete now, thanks to some paint and a new set of blinds.

Paint may be the poor man's way of remodeling, but in my opinion, it can make all the difference in the world!

And, Hudson is continuing to play "handy-man," wearing the tool-belt even over his pajamas. He is learning to appreciate a good DIY project at an early age!


  1. What a transformation a little paint can make. As always, enjoyed the pictures. Easton and his Papa...cute! Like BUILDER BOB.

  2. The blinds look great! Hudson is too cute. How fun that he gets to help his daddy out.