Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY Pop Bottle Soap Dispenser

My sister and I have been talking. It is so hard to eat right this time of year. There are so many parties and get-to-gethers where lots of yummy things are available. And if I want to eat those yummy things, I've got to make sure I'm not snacking all the time at home. Winter is hard. You can't take your baby on a walk in the frigid temperatures. Everyone is posting these yummy treats and cookies. You just want to snuggle up and have a good, warm, sweet treat. In the evening, I want watch a lot of Food Network - and that just makes me hungrier.

SO...I keep adding more Christmas decorations and doing more crafts. I'm officially declaring it PROJECT: Keep Me Out of the Cookie Jar.

Here's one of those little projects...

While staring at the plain glass bottle that I had been keeping my dish soap in, I thought to myself, "I think a glass pop bottle might be kind of cute right there." I know that many people have the little metal stoppers (like an oil bottle might have) in their soap bottles, but I prefer to pour straight from the bottle.

I just so happened to have a glass Coke bottle from my Pa's store. He used to run a little grocery story and has quite the collection of awesome treasures.

I was satisfied with the change up for a few days.

Then I thought to myself, "It would be nice to have hand soap here at the sink." And after finishing up using my shampoo bottle this morning, I decided to see if the pump would fit on the top of another pop bottle.

I was so pleased that it fit right on top. Since this bottle was a 10 ounce, I didn't even have to trim the pump straw.

I have also added an aluminum bottle carrier that I had on hand.

Since there were more bottle slots, I thought I would put those to use as well. I was having a hard time getting my bottle brush and little scrubber to stand up in the holes. Adding a couple of the taller baby food jars made the back row of the carrier more functional.

I figure, if I've got to spend a lot of time washing dishes, I might as well make it fun!

 Especially when it didn't cost me a dime to do so. 


  1. I was just looking at my soap dispensers today thinking, I need an update. This is a cute idea!

    1. Thanks! I think I want a smaller bottle for the hand soap, but it will do for now.

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