Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Decorate the Nursery: So Far, So Good...

I may never really "finish" this room. It seems the plan has changed so many times since my original mood board.

But so far, I am loving it...

Sure, there are still some items on my "to-do" list.

But once Jeremiah hung the items on the wall, I started to get that "giddy" feeling about the room. That feeling usually comes after frames or other items are hung on the wall. For some reason, it feels more "complete" to me.  I plan to put a picture from Hudson's newborn photo shoot in the blank frame.

And when he gets to the "sitting up" and "pulling up stage" we can easily raise the mobile to be out of reach.

I had originally planned to not have furniture on this wall. But while I was waiting on our next IKEA trip, I needed somewhere to keep Hudson's books. We received so many at my baby showers (here and here). And we read each morning - he loves that time and just smiles at me and the book.

I had a little brown bookshelf from my room growing up that I had originally put in there...just temporarily. But the fact that all the furniture was the same height was starting to bother me. Then it dawned on me. That $5 white shelf (from a garage sale last summer) that was hanging out in my living room would be perfect for this space.

Now I just have to make myself quit rearranging the items on the shelves. Bookshelf styling is so hard.

 I have also been anxious about hanging items on the pegboard. Even a simple shower organizer from the Dollar Tree worked great as a place to keep his lotion, diaper rash cream, etc.

The changing station seems so much more efficient now.

But I MUST do something about under the changing table. I am hoping to get all matching boxes or baskets for a more unified look. It's great storage space, and I love having so many of Hudson's essentials on hand during a diaper change. I just want it to look nicer.

Someday, when Hudson has outgrown the need for the changing table, I think this would make an excellent place for a desk. He can still use the pegboard to store little pencils and things.

I also have plans to recover this box of wipes.

I was glad to check this little foot-stool off the to-do list.

Following this easy tutorial I was able to find a great use for old towels and blankets. Why buy stuffing? I think the towels and blankets also made it more firm.

And I was able to use some embroidery thread that I had been given to complete the look.

I just love Hudson's space!

Source List:

To Do:
  • Cover wipe box
  • Make a crib skirt for added storage 
  • Get Expedit shelf from IKEA
  • Make matching storage containers for under changing table
  • hang coat rack and clock above light switch
  • Make a light fixture
  • Find or make a nightlight
And I'm sure the To-do list will continue to grow. I'm just glad it's now shorter than the "Done" list. 
If I've left something off the source list that you are wondering about...please let me know! 


  1. I love how the baseball pillow thing turned out! Way to go you!

  2. Oh, my word! There is so much to love here... the mobile, the monogram pegboard, that awesome pouf! This is a DIYers dream nursery! :) Great job!