Monday, August 12, 2013

Wash your Hands and Do your Chores...

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently painted my kitchen...I was tired of the blue, but made myself live with it and "make it work." During three nap times, I did a quick kitchen makeover with a gallon of paint. More pictures are to come...

Wash Your Hands
I had made a cute little sign for over my kitchen sink a few months ago. At that point, I was deciding to paint the walls. I thought it would be a good motivating factor if I didn't have Jeremiah hang the sign until the painting was completed.  The idea came from here.

It was a quick Sunday afternoon project that cost me $0. I used supplies that I already had on hand. A thrift store wooden sign, leftover spray paint, and a little mod podge.

I had purchased this for 99 cents a few years ago. It hung in my old apartment. Even though I do still think friendship is priceless, I had never found a place to hang it in our house. I found a font that matched my inspiration and cut out my letters. I was originally going to trace and paint...but after laying the letters out, I decided a little mod podge would cut out a few steps for me. (And probably cut out the frustration of painting in the lines!!)

And even though it would have looked fine with the blue walls, I made myself wait.

I am enjoying my fun little free project each time I step up to the sink.

And since we are talking about the sink area, may I share a tip from my MawMaw about keeping your onions in these wire hanging baskets? If you've ever know that onion paper/skin gets all crumbly and ends up being a constant mess on your counter tops. Each time I grabbed an onion or moved the basket, little pieces seemed to float downward.

BUT...MawMaw puts a plate under her onions...and it totally works! The plate catches those little pieces. I used a glass plate because I wanted something red, but a paper plate would work just as well.

Do Your Chores
I am still loving my $4 Memo Board. Being able to cross things off my list is so rewarding. But, now that I have said goodbye to the blue in the kitchen (finally!!), I needed to update my colors. While the Lowe's employee was mixing my paint, I picked up a few more paint swatches to make a quick switch-a-roo.

I used the cardboard backing from the inside of my frame for the background. So, if you make the memo board, know that it is easy to switch up the color scheme!

Sometimes this board helps me do my day-to-day chores. But for now, it's going to hold my kitchen to do list. (I always need a future project to think towards).

1. Make a sign for above stove
2. Find a cute way to hide the wireless router
3. Find a bamboo shade for the back door
4. Print labels for Card Catalog drawers
5. Add large black and white family photo to walls
6. Make tabs for recipe card categories
7. Make large ruler growth chart

I'm sure I'll think of more fun things along the way...Can you tell I have a hard time calling a room "Finished"?


  1. SO cute!!!! Love the kitchen color and the grey makes the cabinets look so good too!!!

  2. I love the color that you ended up choosing! What is the name of it?