Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Review of Wreaths

While contemplating what type of wreath to add to my newly painted window frame on the front door, I started to notice that I have quite the collection of wreaths. Some are seasonal. Some are hanging on interior doors in my house. Some are hanging under the basement stairs waiting for their rotation on the front door.

Wreaths seem to be a super simple way for me to re-decorate. A wreath form can either be purchased for cheap or made out of something I already have on hand. I've used wire clothes hangers, pool noodles, cereal boxes cut into a circle, grape vine wreaths, foam wreaths from the Dollar Store, etc.

After looking through my past wreath posts, I thought I'd collect them and re-share them with you. The title of each wreath is linked up with the original post/instructions.

Sham-Wow Wreath


One of my favorite wreaths is still my Sham-Wow Wreath. Using Dollar Store Sham-Wow towels, I was able to easily make these felt flowers. After making the wreath several years ago, I have replaced the flowers once. Two seasons in full sun left them a tad faded. Thankfully, hot glue releases easily and the supplies were from the Dollar Store. 

Currently, this wreath is on display in my living room. And, If yellow isn't your thing, this method for felt flowers could be used with any color felt.

Book Page Wreath

I need to re-make this wreath. I know, paper and outdoors don't mix well. Actually, under the overhang, this lasted several years outside and was also perfect on interior doors. One really big storm, however, blew my wreath into the front yard - not much can survive a night in the rain in the grass. All these supplies also came from the Dollar Store. A book from the McKays free bin would work great as well.

Since making Hudson's paper airplane mobile using a children's book, I've contemplated making our baby-girl-on-the-way a book page wreath from a children's book. The colorful pages would look adorable.

Burlap Heart Wreath

Using some burlap and a wire clothes hanger, here's a super simple valentine wreath.

Shim Wreath

This is one of my favorite looks. However, I've got to fix mine. After hanging on the back door for a while, I thing the heat and cold were too much for the hot glue I used.

While drinking my coffee one morning, there was a suspicious crash on the back deck. My wreath was in a few pieces...

My sister had great success with her wreath - she used wood glue to bind the shims.

I need to pick up some wood glue and try to reassemble my wreath. I loved it hanging on my back door.

Library Card Wreath

At a recent "Crafternoon" the girls and I made these library card wreaths from old index cards and a circle cut from cardboard.

The felt flower technique used on the Sham-Wow Wreath was used here as well. And some dime roll wrappers made cute leaves.

Burlap Wreath

Using squares of burlap and a foam wreath form, this guest blogger made the cutest shabby chic creation. I imagine this would also be cute with other scraps of fabric. Perhaps even a vintage bed sheet would be sweet to use as well.

Easter Wreath

When I purchase a grapevine wreath, I often "unwrap" the form, making several wreaths from the branches. You can see one of those divided wreaths here.

Some plastic Easter eggs, shredded dime wrappers and book pages helped me make a cute Easter wreath.

Spring Wreath

Sometimes, I add this banner to the Easter wreath.

Watering Can "Wreath"

Although this may not be your typical round wreath, it does hang on my front door and it does add color and decoration.

Sometimes, the more unique the item, the more adorable it looks re-purposed.

Personally, my style isn't wreaths with big bows. But I do love to find a unique way to add a little color and creativity to the doors in our home. I've hung picture frames on doors, big letter "C"s, etc. Those cheap little wreath hooks (I picked up several in the after-Christmas sale decorations for 10 cents each!) allow me to easily decorate the doors inside my house too. No door left behind!

What unique items have you re-purposed into door decor? 


  1. I like the watering can I think the best! I have wood doors at my house now with little diamonds so I would have to have just the right wreath. And right now a nursery holds just a little more precedence! I love the roundup and all your creativity!

    1. Yes! Work on that little baby's nursery! Can't wait!