Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Sunday Crafternoon

Last Sunday, I had a few girls over for a Crafternoon. I planned 4 little projects for them to take home.

It was fun to set my table up with all the supplies that they would need.

Each place setting had its own little pile of goodies.

An 11x14 picture frame, a piece of wood, a stack of reference cards from the card catalog, a recipe, a jar of foot scrub, a jar of Mod Podge, a cardboard ring for a wreath and a sponge paint brush.

I had originally planned for us to make the foot scrub that afternoon, but later decided just to give them the recipe and a little jar full. (Original recipe can be found here.)

After painting the lids, my left-over baby food jars were the perfect size. Each girl then decorated her jar with ribbons and stickers.

Our first project had two parts.  The girls had emailed me a digital picture for a wood photo transfer. I found the simplest tutorial video here, and tested out the project the day before. I found the Gel Medium at Hobby Lobby near the paint and model cars/airplanes/etc.

The girls did the first step at my house and then did the second step the next morning. I sent them each a little bit of Mod Podge to seal their final picture. The batch of Mod Podge was home made. (2 parts school glue to one part water)

I was pleased with my results. I think some of the girls decided they would like to try it again with a lighter or different picture.

Eventually, I might paint the word "Family" at the bottom of my picture.

Next, we tackled a memo board. You can see the original tutorial here. I use my board constantly - right now, it holds a list of areas in my house I want to reorganize this month.

Using paint swatches from Lowes, the girls each picked a colorful pattern for their boards.

Some girls even sent me pictures that night of how they had already started their "to-do" lists on their new boards.

As everyone finished up their memo boards, we started the next project - a wreath. After folding twenty to twenty-five 3x5 cards in half, hot glue was used to secure the cards to the cardboard ring. I had cut the rings from cereal boxes prior to the Crafternoon. Three rings of cards made the wreath look full and fun. I loved the vintage look that the card catalog reference cards provided. And yes, I still love my card catalog.

Felt flowers and leaves from coin rolls completed the look.

I loved seeing the individuality and creativity of each girl. Some did button flowers too.

I chose to use some left-over Sham Wow for my flowers. (Read about how it has made many flowers for me here.)

We had such a great time laughing and crafting together.

Hudson had fun meeting new friends.

He and Jeremiah shared snacks and watched football as we made our crafts.

I had a blast - I hope the other girls did too!

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  1. Love it! I love that you found easy and cheap projects for the girls. I so want to try the wood pictures!