Monday, October 10, 2011

Sham WOW! - It does it all!

I've been the hunt for mustard colored felt for my autumn wreath. It seemed I could only find it in small sheets for $1.50 each. I would have needed 5 or 6 to complete the project.

The other day, I was waltzing through the Dollar tree and spotted Sham -Wow! for $1! For a LARGE sheet! It dries your pets, dries your car, cleans up spills, AND makes an awesome autumn wreath!

I had also picked up an oval shaped grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby (find the weekly printable coupon here). With the coupon, I only ended up spending $2 on the wreath!

I simply cut my felt Sham WOW! into various size circles. Then I cut the circle into a spiral (following the tutorial here). I alternated starting the gluing from the inside and outside. This makes the flowers vary in structure - some with raised centers and some with sunken centers.

After using just one Sham WOW! I was left with this look - Although I was completely thrilled with the results, I decided to add just a few more flowers.The flowers held quite nicely to the wreath with the help of a little hot glue.

In the end, I used one and a half Sham WOW! sheets. And I'm thinking it's amazing skills at absorbing water will make it stand up even more against the elements.

I'm loving the yellow up against the teal door! And I have a little felt left for another creation.

One more item to check off my Autumn To-Do list. 


  1. You're so smart to use Sham! I'm loving the colors against the teal door!

  2. you have totally inspired me to be crafty, i read you blog and after this post have began to make creative wreaths for my married sisters for christmas! Thanks for being so inspiring Cindy!

    Emmie Schaub

  3. This is a wonderful idea! Its such a cute wreath.