Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Just Wanted to Paint Something

Sunday afternoon, I got the urge to paint something. I was trying not to give into the temptation to tackle a big project (like painting my laundry area in the garage). But, I still wanted a "project." I blame my mom for these tendencies...we get in our mind a little project, and we don't quit thinking about it until it is complete. Thanks to a little sample of paint and an old window, I was able to add a little fun to my front door for free.

While Jeremiah washed the car, I dug around in my pile of treasures in the garage - just trying to decide what to "re-make."  I stumbled upon this window that I had brought home from the Cook farm over a year ago (read about my other treasures from that day here).

Using some pliers, I was able to easily remove the few rusty nails that were holding the glass in place. Jeremiah was kind enough to help me with a few stubborn nails. Since half the glass was missing, I decided to remove all the panes rather than try to clean them up.

After dirt and cobwebs from the wooden frame, I grabbed a few paint samples and went to the front door to decide on a color. I love that Lowe's occasionally puts out these coupons for their free sample pots of paint. Even if I don't have a project in mind, I pick up the freebie...and on days like this past Sunday, I am glad that I have a few colors to choose from.

Using some leftover nativity pieces (read about that big project here), I propped my frame up on top of a piece of cardboard. When painting, I've found that if I prop the item up off the cardboard, it prevents the newly painted item from sticking. Plus, it is easier to paint all the way to the edge of the item. With the help of a sponge brush, I had the entire front painted in less than 3 minutes. And thanks to the warm temperature, it dried super fast too.

I decided to only paint one side of the window. I might paint the other side a different color, giving me the option to change things up easily.

I've been holding off on hanging the window frame for a few days due to lots of windy storms. Today, using a piece of twine, I tied a little loop on the top of the frame. My magnetic hook that I bought way back when (see how long the hook and the paint job have lasted here), is still holding strong. In fact, I need to move it just a tad in order to gian more visibility for the peep hole. I like that the hook is super strong, yet not permanent.

For now, I have decided to hang my watering can over the top of the window. I'm planning to make some quirky little wreath in the near future to hang instead of the can. And if you look back to when I originally hung the watering can here, you can see that my fake vines have faded quite a bit. The sun shines on the front of the house for most of the afternoon. Even though they are a little muted in color, I still think they look summery- just a little less vibrant.

As I worked to position the window frame just right, I think the ice-cream "van" (they are always a scary white van these days) drove by four times blaring her musical tune. Maybe she just wanted to see what I was doing. Maybe she was hoping this pregnant lady would buy some ice cream. Once I got the frame hung, I rewarded myself with a frozen treat from my own freezer. I'm too cheap and too cautious to buy from the scary musical van.

I'm thankful that my mom taught me to love little projects like this (Just this morning she sent me a picture of her newly decorated mantle.) I love that she is always changing things up. I'm thankful that Jeremiah doesn't mind my keeping a pile of treasures in the garage and basement...eventually I make something out of them. He is always so good to help me by drilling a hole or power-washing something or hanging a random object. And for this project, I'm thankful that my mother-in-love was visiting because she babysat Hudson while I was being creative.

Does the urge to paint something ever strike you? What's the last impromptu project you've attempted? Or are you contemplating one now? Are you a hoarder of potential projects? Sometimes (like this past Sunday) hoarding pays - or at least it makes your project free!

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