Thursday, October 10, 2013


Sometimes, once I get Hudson to bed, I take a few minutes for myself and browse blogs. Last week, I came across the cutest wreath (here). I immediately ran down to the garage to gather my supplies - I had already purchased several packages of wooden shims in hope of making a sunburst mirror. But- everyone was making a sunburst mirror and I lost interest. When I saw this project, I was glad that I still had the shims. I grabbed my hot glue gun and finished this little project in 30 minutes.

I'd like to offer you the opportunity to get the same song stuck in your head as I had in mine while I hot glued this project late one evening.

I simply played with the layout, since I used longer shims than the original blogger had. In my layout, I used one package of 42 shims (these).

I've debated adding some type of embellishment to the wreath such as a large letter "C" or some fall leaves- but I am quite satisfied with the wood look for now. It seems to be an easy wreath to change with the seasons.

Since I already had a wreath on my front door, I decided the back door could use a little decor. After hanging the wreath, I was pleased to realize that the glass door is the perfect hanging spot - I can enjoy the wreath from inside or outside! And the underside of the wreath has a different pattern.

This is a super versatile project - you could stain the wood shims, paint them, paint some of them, add embellishments...the possibilities are endless. I'm sure a few different configurations of the shims would work as well.

It even looks great hanging on my pantry door.

This wreath may just migrate around the house - or since it only costs $4.16 plus a couple sticks of hot glue...maybe I'll make myself a second one. 

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