Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's Decorate the Nursery: In Mom's Handwriting

There's something special about a hand written note - and it's even more special to me when I recognize the handwriting. I love opening my mailbox to find a letter written in my grandmother's handwriting. Or in elementary, when my mom would write a little note on my napkin, I would know by the shape of the letters that it was from her. I have always thought my dad has the coolest handwriting I've ever seen. And his notes to me are equally treasured.

When I saw this project on Jones Design Company, I knew that it was a project that I wanted to incorporate in our nursery.

This past summer, I found a great framed canvas of some viking here.

For just $2, I was able to get a fabulous frame and a canvas to repaint. For this project, I put the frame to good use just by removing a few nails.

I had purchased a 6 foot by 9 foot canvas drop cloth for $9.97 to use for another nursery project. Using some of the leftover material, I simply cut a rectangle in the perfect size.

After marking the 4 corners on my canvas, I was ready to begin my handwriting project.

I then wrote out Zephaniah 3:17 centered on the my own handwriting.  A regular pencil made the words visible but not permanent.

Using some leftover brown embroidery thread from Pippa's cross stitch alphabet, I was ready to begin stitching. A simple back stitch helped me to complete this project in just 2 evenings.

I was able to staple the material to the back of the frame.

I had already spray painted the frame orange to match the nursery.

I am so excited to find the perfect place for this to hang in our little boy's room.

The stitching may not be 100% perfect and the lines may not be straight. But I pray that these words of Scripture will at some point be a comfort to our little boy as they have been to his mom. I love the picture of God singing a lullaby over His children. And I love that it's written/stitched in my handwriting.

If you missed my nursery vision/plan, you can see that here


  1. True- handwritten notes and letters are a treasure. I love this idea you shared. I will share this blog too, because this is such a good idea- too good not to share :) Mom's love their babies, no matter what age.

  2. I adore this....and that verse is great! I have some big frames. Ideas! But my walls right now I can't hang anything on.
    Great idea!