Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Decorate the Nursery: Some Memories and a Mobile

Many months ago when I started to come up with a plan for the nursery, I imagined I would have everything in place and looking cute by the time we brought our baby home. Since Mr. Hudson decided to arrive almost 2 months early, there was a lot of ideas that I hadn't even started to work on. And so, during Hudson's naps, I am slowly getting to work on some of those ideas. These past few days, I've been working on a few projects...

Project #1 was an idea that didn't come to me until recently. During Hudson's hospital days, we started collecting little bits and pieces of items that were his in the NICU. I decided that a shadow box would be the perfect way to display these mementos.

One of my favorite places (Hobby Lobby) had an excellent selection of shadow boxes. During my mom's last visit, we got to work on this little project. I included a onesie he wore during those first few days. I can't believe it no longer fits him.

The pennants are from our gender reveal video (Watch that here).

We held on to his little blood pressure cuff. And you can also see his tanning mask from his day under the UV lights.

A nurse gave me his first bottle after they removed the feeding tubes. The little hat was from my BFF. And I still love looking at the progress he made on his weight card. Each day when we went into the NICU, I would get so excited when I saw that these numbers were getting higher and higher.

Since it is a little difficult to scrapbook a bottle, I am glad to have this shadow box to hang on to our memories of those miraculous days.

Project #2 was Hudson's mobile. He isn't sleeping in his crib yet at night, but I have noticed him staring intently at the monkey mobile on his swing and at the ceiling fan in in our living room. So, I know the importance of giving him something to look at while he's laying there on his back. At this point, he is using his crib for a little tummy time, though. (Supervised, of course...and he is not napping on his stomach, I promise!)

At my baby showers, many people brought Hudson books instead of a card. I've always been a reader - in fact, as a child, I used to sleep with a stack of books each night instead of a stuffed animal. I wanted reading to be important to our children, as well. And I have already started to read to our little guy. All this being said, I decided to try to incorporate books into his mobile.

No, it's not finished yet - I still have to determine what type of string I am going to use between the ring and the ceiling. And Yes, it is currently hanging in my living room from the ceiling fan (it provided an easy place to work on it while Hudson napped). 

I can't take all the credit for this fun idea. Pinterest first led me to this adorable idea. I fell in love with her comic book paper airplanes. I never found a bike wheel to use and I was a little leery of that much weight hanging over my baby's head. 

Using an older children's books, I folded a dozen basic paper airplanes. I used some embroidery thread I had on hand (A friend gave me gobs of thread...I will be incorporating them into many projects in the near future). An embroidery hoop was the perfect lightweight ring for the project.

I struggled with how to hang the airplanes. My inspiration picture seemed to randomly vary the lengths of the strings. I tried to use this apparatus I had on hand - but it made all the airplanes to hang at pretty much the same level.

After a little more pinterest searching, I came across this adorable mobile.

The spiral approach worked brilliantly. 

Again, ignore the temporary hanging on the ceiling fan. I love the colors that are visible in the little planes. I hope it occupies Hudson a little bit from time to time.

And since Hudson also spends a lot of time staring at the ceiling while he lays on the changing table, I have a mobile in the works for that space as well.

I'd say Hudson is excited about how his room is coming together...

For now, my completed projects are still in the living room - but they will soon find their permanent place in our little man's room. 

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