Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's Decorate the Nursery!!

It's a boy!! (If you missed our gender reveal video, or if you just want to watch it again, you can see it here.)

I've always loved to look at the ideas featured on Lay Baby Lay.  And I always knew that when the time came, I wanted to create a mood board much like she does. She also has great tips for planning what to put in a nursery.

Before we knew the gender, we had decided on girl names, but couldn't agree on any boy names. BUT...I had more boy nursery ideas. I knew that if it was a boy, I wanted the room to be something that could easily grow with our little guy. I wanted it to have very boy elements in it, but also contain classic, manly items. I originally thought I would use grass green and navy and white (kinda like a man's necktie).

But, I 've changed my mind...I found a few inspiration pictures of nurseries containing tans and browns, grays and oranges. And I fell in love. I want the room to have a rustic feel. Not like, go climb a tree and live in the wilderness, but containing industrial/hardware store items. I've already got a good little pile of decorations accumulating in our designated nursery. And I have an even bigger pile of projects that I would love to complete for the room.

So far, here's my little mock-up mood board of some of my ideas.

  1. I'm on the hunt for a round wire basket to convert into a shade for the overhead light. 
  2. Jeremiah is going to make some mock barn doors for one of the walls. 
  3. The walls are already a great shade of tan - we plan to paint a 2 foot stripe around the entire room in white. 
  4. The curtain rod will be made out of plumbing pipes. And the curtains will be fashioned for ordinary canvas drop cloths. 
  5. The crib is getting painted an awesome shade of brown/gray. (Darker than this picture). The changing table will be the same color. My mother-in-love is going to help me make some great, modern bedding to accompany white crib sheets. You can expect to see orange patterns in the fabric. 
  6. On the hunt for a wooden rocking horse. How cool if it would look great painted orange. 
  7. Registered for this awesome, tall basket from Target that will be perfect for toy storage. 
  8. I love the softness of a sheepskin rug.  I may put a few of these cheap faux ones from IKEA together. 
  9. On the hunt for a plastic-y set of deer antlers to paint orange. 
  10. I will definitely use peg board. 
  11. Wire baskets. I'll take as many as I can get my hands on. 
  12. Loving this glider from Target, but I will need to settle for something cheaper. Just dreaming...And I will whip up a pillow that matches the bedding. 
  13. Love these square baskets from IKEA
  14. They fit perfectly into this bookshelf from IKEA. Someday, I'll make a cushion for the top of the shelf - making it into a bench. I figure this will be great for baby storage now, and toy/book storage later. 
I've got a few more projects up my sleeve. And I am not set in stone about the items pictured above. I am, however, set on the colors and the hardware store/industrialish theme. Now I just have to begin collecting the elements. And I hope to collect them cheaply!

I am still on the hunt for a dresser as well. I am hoping for something with very plain lines. And I have some other plans for what to hang on the wall (If you know me, you know I hate a blank wall). 

We have until January for all this to come together, but some days, I just like to dream about all my ideas...


  1. it's going to be darling!! excited to see the finished product! how have you been feeling?

  2. Love the ideas! i feel like mine will be a similar theme if I have a boy when that time comes. Also, Joanne's had some rustic looking wire baskets. I actually just bought one for myself today :) It was half off so I ended up getting it for $12 :)