Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Decorate the Nursery: A little paint for the pegboard

This morning, while Hudson was napping, it was the perfect time to get some paint on that pegboard! I will eventually use the pegboard over Hudson's changing table to hang some supplies. I wanted to dress it up a little first.

And I was determined to use supplies that I already had on-hand for this project. I cut out the biggest "H" I could on my Cricut. Since it wasn't as tall as I would have liked, I simply cut it in half and drew the stem to be the desired length.

Then, using a simple sponge paint brush and some white paint from the garage, I started painting.

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I must say that I am feeling more like myself now that I am able to paint something. ha. Hudson has been letting me carry him in a sling some.

He feels like he is being held while I have 2 hands to get some housework done. And then, when he is down for a nap, I am able to work on my somewhat neglected projects.

He seems to be enjoying himself.

He has also started liking his playmat.  I was able to purchase it with our Ebates refund that I had sent directly to our Amazon account. At this point he just randomly hits a toy while swinging his arms. But each time one moves, he is mesmerized...and even lets out a giggle from time to time.

Anyway...back to my pegboard project. 

I knew I wanted a shelf over the changing table. I had one on hand that my dad had previously made. It used to hang in my bedroom in high school. It was the perfect length, but the brackets on the bottom would get in the way of the pegboard. My mom had the brilliant idea of turning it upside down. And that worked perfectly. 

After the "h" was painted, I was ready to commit to what would go on this shelf. I decided to place some of Hudson's nicer books there - ones that I didn't want him to rip once he's old enough to look through books himself. I placed a few smaller books up there for contrast in size. I love the color that this seems to add to the space. 

The yarn wrapped "H" is from my shower decor. And the glass bottle of vintage "Little People" was a gift from the shower my mom and sister threw for me one week before Hudson was born. 

My sister just sent me pictures from this event. 

Since we had yet to reveal our choice in name, guests were able to vote on what name they thought we would choose. 

And the majority guessed correctly by pinning their little paper necktie by the appropriate name. 

It was such a fun afternoon. We received so many wonderful gifts. And I am so glad that we had already had this shower. Otherwise, I would have had to purchase so many items just one week later. Little did I know that I would soon be able to meet little Hudson. 

I didn't post any pictures of myself on purpose. Looking back I was SOOO swollen. Even my nose looked swollen. How in the world did I not know something was up? Next time, if I get to the point where none of my shoes fit around the 7 month mark, I will know! And you can guarantee that I will be checking my blood pressure daily! 

But back to my painted pegboard project...I keep getting so distracted....

While the paint is drying, I've set up a temporary changing station on the guest bed. 

When I laid him down for a changing, he started making all these faces. 

 After our little Valentine's Day picture project, he must think that each time he's laid on the guest bed it is a photo opp. 

You will notice the little orange tool box I painted here is the perfect size for his newborn diapers. 

Now since there have been some sunny days, I'm ready to get back to my regularly scheduled spray painting. Do any of you feel so accomplished when you can work on a little project? I know it makes my day better! 

Stay tuned for more nursery updates. 


  1. Love the h on the peg board - adorable...and Hudson is such a sweetie!!!

  2. What a great addition the h makes to the pegboard! I can't wait to see it with everything on it!

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