Friday, November 9, 2012

The drop cloth will be...Painted?

In order to further carry out the "rustic" "hardware" type theme for the nursery, I knew that I wanted to find something industrial for the curtains. I had seen the idea to use a regular canvas drop cloth as the curtain. Since I had left over paint from the crib, I decided to add a stripe of paint across the bottom of the curtain. And each time I told someone my intentions, I thought of this Monster's Inc. clip.  "The (drop cloth curtain) will be ...painted???"

The process was simple - and I am pleased with the results. I purchased a canvas drop cloth at Walmart for around $10. Lowe's had the same 9 foot by 6 foot size for a few dollars more. Lowes offered a heavier/better quality piece of canvas for  $14. I decided to go with the cheaper option for this project, thinking that the thinner material may hang better as a curtain.

After purchasing the drop cloth, I simply washed and ironed the canvas.

Laying the canvas out on our kitchen table, I was able to tape the desired stripes with "Frogger Tape."

After laying cardboard under the area I would be painting, I simply applied the paint using sponge brushes to the taped off areas.

I am very satisfied with the results, loving the fact that the stripe matches the crib and changing table color exactly.

I have some ideas for what we will use for the curtain rods...stay tuned to see what I actually end up doing.

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  1. I can't wait to see this hung! Looks very good :)