Monday, July 14, 2014

The Key to Decorating a Split Foyer Entry

While house hunting three years ago, I had a few things on my list that I did not of those items was a split level foyer. Apparently, there are endless amounts of split level foyers (and very little else) in our price range. It wasn't a deal breaker - we bought the house. Slowly but surely, I find myself adding items to this little area, making it feel more like "me."

As we begin to clean up and purge our home in preparation for the new baby, I keep finding little projects that are almost complete. In this case, I've had this "key" to hang by the front door for over a year. It got placed up on a shelf...and I kept forgetting to ask Jeremiah to help me hang the needed nail.

After adding another "key" to our foyer, I thought back to how far this little area has come. And honestly, I've hardly spent any money on the items that are now decorating the space.

It started out looking pretty bare.

As the result of a Goodwill challenge, I added one teal, crocheted rug.

Next, I added one vintage curtain from my bff.
And I think she had received the curtains from someone else.

I simply added some orange fabric to the panel to lengthen it.

Next, I added a mirror from a Target clearance end cap and a spray painted vintage light switch cover.

A free frame from a thrift store (why don't all stores have "free" boxes?) made the big white door seem more fun.

Some yard sale wooden keys (spray painted white) and a few Target clearance frames were added to the opposite side of the door.

We hang spare keys on these little hooks.

The entry stayed looking this way for a long time... I loved the cheerful colors.

I knew that I wouldn't be changing anything drastically, but I did know that I would add to this area eventually. I mean, is any area in your home ever really completely "finished"?  It's not in my house!

I love to browse the clearance shelves at places like Ross or TJ Maxx. In my opinion, that's where the real deals are. Over a year ago, I happened up this large wooden key.

Since I already had the "key" theme going in our entryway, I knew that I could use this beauty. It was marked down to $2 because it was technically broken.

I knew it would get painted anyways and I probably would not have purchased this if it had cost any more than the $2. I actually used some left over kitchen paint to give the key new life. I wanted it to coordinate with the frame around the keyhole.

Two days ago, after stumbling upon this key, I asked Jeremiah if he would hang it for me. He was surprised that the item already had a picture hanger on the back (many times I ask him to hang things on the wall that aren't meant to be on the wall or are in need of some hardware before doing so.)

I am happy with my new addition. I think it was the "key" to making this area seem more balanced.

Someday, I might add something over the door. It's a tricky spot because it will need to coordinate with both the entry decor and the living room. But I like to have a problem to solve.

I love adding little elements to our decor - it's part of making this house feel like our home.

PS. Here's how I made the Pottery Barn knock-off numbered canvas pictured above. It's still one of my favorite DIYs. 

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