Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodwill Challenge: Weird Teal Strips of Material

My blog-friend-forever, Joni, and I love a challenge. A month or so ago, we challenged ourselves to find a crafty/creative use for $5 Dime Roll Wrappers (see the project here). When I was home for the Ladies Friendship Tea a few weekends ago (read about that here and here), Joni gave me our next challenge item. She proudly handed me two rolls of some teal knit-like material that was cut into 1 inch strips. But it didn't behave like normal knit - the edges didn't roll up when stretched. She had purchased 13 rolls of this mystery material from Goodwill for $2 (making each roll cost only $0.15) I have no idea what the original use for these items were (and if someone knows, please comment below!!) But not knowing the original purpose often makes me more creative.

I begged my mom to make a Walmart run with me, in search of a large crochet hook. (I purchased 2 large hooks in two different sizes for about $3).

I had been hoping to find a funky rug for inside my front door and thought these supplies may be exactly what I needed. I found a pattern for a rug made from T-Shirt yarn here.  I used this method for joining the strips (Each roll was cut into two different strips).

It took me an episode and a half of the Waltons to use up my two rolls...and it was no bigger than a large potholder.

So, I promptly contacted my supplier (AKA, Joni) asking if I might have 4 more rolls. The material crocheted rather easily with the large hook. I must admit, it is a bit of an arm workout to wrestle that rug around while you are crocheting.

Luckily, my supplier let me have the requested materials. I actually repeated a few of the rows, making my rug larger than the original pattern.

I was more than pleased with the result. My front door is high enough off the ground that it doesn't even touch the thick rug when it swings open. And it created the perfect pop of color I was hoping for in my foyer area. I have a few more pops of color in store for this little landing in our house.

And, not counting the purchase of the crochet hook, this rug only cost $.90. I will definitely try to make my own T-shirt yarn now that I know how versatile the material can me.

After completing my project, I still had half a roll of the mystery material.

So, I gathered a few more supplies. Namely, a pair of $2 brown flip-flops from Walmart and a pair of scissors.

Using regular scissors, I cut the normal rubber straps off the sandals.

This left three holes for me to work with.

My neighbor/BFF and I then got creative. I simply tied strips of the material in knots, creating different sandal patterns.

I had originally made them to look like regular flip-flops, but settled on the more creative-around the toe look. Ashlee even had the bright idea to braid the strips to make cute straps.

I decided to make my sandals where I could easily wear them two ways. Don't freak out - I promise to wear both feet looking the same, but decided it was easier to take a picture of one foot each way.

By simply removing two knots, I can completely change the look of these comfy shoes.

I wouldn't run a marathon in them or anything, but they stayed on just like any other shoe while I grocery shopped yesterday. I wore them without the extra ties.

So, I guess I interpreted this mystery material as needing to be around the feet. I love my new crocheted rug and my two-way sandals.

I have a tad bit of the mystery material left - maybe I can fashion one more project from it.

I can't wait to check out what Joni made here

I'm linking this project


  1. I still think a cool necklas or bracelet with extra material =) ash

  2. Very clever and cute Cindy!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Darling! I love that rug so much! And the flip flops too! We've made bracelets and headbands with "tshirt yarn".

  4. How much fabric do you think this would take?

    1. Way more than I originally thought. It took me 6 rolls of this stuff for this rug...probable also would depend on the stretchiness of your material. Mine, although it was a t-shirt material, didnt give too much. You could always use a different fabric/color for each layer.