Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Reviews

I love a big colorful cookbook filled with yummy recipes to try. The Homesick Texan's Family Table by Lisa Fain had this pregnant mom's mouth watering just while looking at the cover. Filled with recipes to create feasts from Texas, this book already has several pages marked of recipes that I will be trying out soon (starting with Buttermilk, Bacon-Fat Flour Tortillas...yum!)

I was initially afraid this book would just include your average Tex-Mex recipes - but that is not the case. It is filled with foods that feel southern as well. The book includes Breakfast and Breads, Starters and Snacks, Salads and Sides, Chilis, Soups and Stews, The Main Event, Sweets, and Accompaniments. There appears to be something for every pallet and every occasion.

I love the connection the author makes between food and family. Seeing her stories and photos throughout the book make me feel like I have family in Texas. I am sure any former Texas-dweller would find this book comforting. Each recipe starts with a little descriptive paragraph. Usually, the author is telling of her memory with the treat.

The glossy pages and photographed food in this hardcover book left me wanting to plan our dinner menu for the next month. I do wish there were photos of every recipe mentioned, but you will find plenty of foods that are shown in vivid, yummy detail. The serving size, ingredients and directions are clear and easy to follow.

I am so glad that this book was on my doorstep, awaiting my review. If you are interested in these yummy recipes, you can find more info here.
I received this book from Blogging For Books for review.

I was equally excited to receive a copy of Get to Know Mary (A Full-Color Biography for Kids) by Nancy I. Sanders from BookLook Bloggers for review. This glossy paged small book for kids is the perfect layout for understanding Mary and the times she lived in. Filled with maps, pictures (of food, animals, houses, money, etc.) left me feeling that I learned things about her life that I didn't know before. It will be the perfect type book for my kids to study and gain a better understanding for "Bible Times." The little definitions of Bible words throughout the book are also helpful. The words used in the definition are easy to understand. I hope to get more of these books for other Bible characters.

Murder at the Mikado by Julianna Deering, once again, was an entertaining read. When I read her first book in this series, I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining her writing was. For some reason, the cover art on her books always makes me think that I am going to be bored with the storyline. Yet, every time, I thoroughly enjoy it.

I love following the same characters in this series as well. They feel like friends, at this point. The element of romance woven into each mystery is great. I love when a book is mostly mystery with a hint of romance.

I received this book for review from Bethany House. I am always grateful, because I know that I can read their books without a fear of inappropriate behavior being mentioned or bad language being used.


  1. Good to know you likes the Mary book! Might have to get some I those in that series.

    1. I already requested the King David one for next time! Glossy pages, interesting looking content, pictures.