Friday, May 18, 2012

Entry Curtain Makeover

A certain portion of my house has been feeling neglected and unfinished. Slowly, I am adding pieces to make our entryway seem more complete.

Our house has a split foyer - meaning, that when you enter, you either go upstairs or downstairs. There's not much room on the landing, but I still want the area to seem welcoming.

After adding my new crocheted rug, (read about that process here), I decided a curtain would be the next project to complete.

My friend Ashlee had some amazing vintage curtains that had orange and teal colors throughout the flowery design. They were a perfect way to tie in the teal rug at the front door and the orange tones from the living room. The only problem was that the curtains were not long enough. Since color-blocking is quite popular, I decided that a strip of orange fabric would lengthen the curtains and modernize the vintage fabric.

Annie approved of my fabric choices.

Since the top of the curtain was already sewn, I only had to make a few straight stitches to finish the panel.

I think the two pieces make quite a pair.

I found the perfect mirror in the clearance section at Target.  I plan to add a few more colorful accessories to the area to complete the look. Perhaps a few coat hooks or a plant stand.

For now, I'm loving the punch of color as I enter or exit our home. 


  1. I love that I see a sewing machine in this post! Turned out well :)

    1. And I didn't use a hot glue gun!

  2. Uhm, does Ash know you jacked her curtain ? LOL!!!

    1. She sure does! She was here when I did it. She has TONS of these curtains.

  3. I love the curtain with the rug! That looks really good!