Friday, September 2, 2011

Spray Paint, Contact Paper...and a little Pinterest Inspiration

I've been drooling over an idea on Pinterest from quite some time. I knew that it would be perfect for my office at work. It's a Pottery Barn knock-off, and one of my new favorite things. (Yes, I realize that each new craft becomes one of my favorite things.) Here's a hint...

Recently, I commandeered some large used canvases (and when I say "commandeered," I am usually meaning I got them for free from someone who didn't want them). Such was the case with these canvases. My friend Tina and I decided we could make something interesting from them. She and I are like-minded...loving free things.

They had been sitting in the same place for quite some time and contained some mildew and sunny afternoon, a little bleach and a little water took care of those issues. I'm sure it looked as if I was having some abstract art sale in my driveway -

Since these paintings were not quite my style - I followed the instructions from The Paisley Pink Polka Dot here to begin the canvas transformation.

I decoupaged 2 canvases with newspaper - being careful to leave creases in the paper.

I knew that these creases would help me to achieve the imperfect, vintage feel of the inspiration piece. (Note: canvas seen below is from Pottery Barn, but is no longer sold).

I then painted the canvas with white paint, brushing cream paint over the top at the end. I used my Cricut, which my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas, to cut large numbers out of some old contact paper.

Two coats of flat black spray paint later, I was left with an awesome piece of art. I had originally wanted this for my office at work - I thought it appropriate for Financial Aid. After the project was finished, I debated for a good 2 days whether or not to leave it at home to enjoy. Since I had another canvas waiting for some spray paint, I decided to make some art for the guest room.

Then, I would be a little more willing to relinquish my new favorite thing for the office. After all, I'll still see it everyday. I'm sure that you can tell I've been spending a lot more time at work lately and a lot less time blogging and pinning.

The second piece of art would have a similar feel, but would be guest room appropriate. Using the same technique, I cut out my letters and got them ready for spray painting. Once I had everything ready to go, it was dark outside. Recently,I've decided that a pine tree at the base of our backyard was the new "Spray Painting Station." (Since the previous owners painted something white there....I've added some black and red to the location recently...why not keep it all in the same place? It's a perfect tree to lean things up against).

- I quickly surveyed the situation, seeing that the street light and garage light were shining right on my Spray Paint Station! (Yet another reason why this spot is so perfect for spray painting...because you can still paint there in the dark.)

I may rough this one up a bit with some whitewashing and a little sanding, but for now I'm left with this for the guest room! And I am also left with the song in my head...


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