Friday, September 14, 2012

Adding to the Entry

Our split-level entry has given me quite a challenge. There's not enough room for an entry table or even a coat/hat stand. There's barely enough room to open and close the door. However, I want it be just as welcoming and colorful as any other entry, despite the fact that it is a split foyer.

A while back, I added a crocheted rug and some colorful curtains. And even a little painted frame on the front door helped. However, I just had the feeling that this space was not complete. (Does anyone else have trouble "completing" a room? It seems I can always think of something to add.)

I love a Target clearance end cap. Last year, I purchased some brightly colored frames after the dorm decor went on clearance. I was able to get a 3 pack of teal frames for under a dollar. Eventually, it dawned on me that the teal frames matched my teal rug exactly! The color was too perfect of a match - I had to find a way to incorporate them into the split foyer.

As a result of my treasure hunting last weekend (read about that here), I had a few key hooks at my disposal as well. After a little white paint and some quick art, I had agreed upon an arrangement for the wall. My husband is fabulous at hanging things on the wall (probably because I ask him to hang something at least once a week).  In a matter of minutes, he had transferred my items from the floor to the wall.

I had been holding onto a small printout (in frame on right) for some time because the colors matched the curtain. And the art of the left was the result of a cut up old atlas. The colors in the map matched the area precisely. It's so fun to watch a little collection come together.

Often I am surprised by just how many coordinating items I already have on hand. (I guess sometimes, hoarding pays off).

I also switched out the plain light switch cover for the one I purchased last weekend. I thought it complemented the frilly framed mirror.  Slowly, as I find the light switch covers, I am converting the whole house. I think it adds a fun touch to each room.

I am loving the colorful addition to this little area.

It just goes to prove that no area is too small to decorate. I do have 2 more ideas to implement into this area. For a while, I was wondering if I should remove the teal rug and replace it with something more neutral. But now, I am loving the rug even more!

Have any of you tackled decorating a small area? Or have any of you found a solution to the split foyer decorating dilemma? 

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