Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chalkboards - the decor that keeps changing

I am now 31 weeks pregnant with this little girl. I've realized that I am less than two weeks from the point where I had Hudson. Even though, in most people's eyes, I am still about two months from delivering, I've recently found myself a little antsy to get things ready for Nora...just in case. And so, I've started putting her room together. Although I love to shop, I am not one to buy brand-new-everything for a room. Instead, I "shop my house" to find items that would go in the space I am decorating.

Her room is not quite finished yet - so, for now, you can see a "sneak peak" or two. This little chalk sign used to be a glass picture frame that I was not using. It had a saying painted onto the glass. Using some fingernail polish remover and a cotton ball, I was able to easily remove the words from the glass. Then, I simply applied two thin coats of chalkboard paint. It's holding up well!

And, I was able to use a frame that I already had on hand - the original frame (sorry I don't have a picture) didn't match any decor in my home (it was blue). With just a couple coats of paint, I am left with something usable and interchangeable.

I knew I wanted to use the curtains that I've always had in my guest room. Since they have lots of green, I began picking up little items on my thrift store runs. This little green chalkboard was only 25 cents.

At the time I purchased it, I was not sure if the green was the right shade. So, I only picked up one. Once I realized it was the perfect color for my curtains...the other chalkboards like this had been sold already.

Oh well. Thrifter's Remorse. (And yes, this little desk does need some TLC. I haven't done anything to it since I purchased it several years ago for just a few dollars.)

Adding these erasable items to her room reminded me how much I love decorating with chalkboards. It all started when I made a chalkboard for my kitchen from a regular picture frame from a thrift store.

You can see the simple DIY instructions here, and read tips of making your chalk writing darker here. Since I added this Julia Child quote to my chalkboard, I have not wanted to change it.

You can read about my little chalk wall here.

There's a guest post about a kid's chalkboard table here.

And see my chalkboard toy box here.

I am also always excited to find a reason to use my chalk cloth bunting that I first used at Hudson's first birthday party. I am not a seamstress - so, believe me when I say this project is simple! I bought one yard of the chalk cloth (like what is listed here). I really used about 1/3 of a yard.

I cut out my triangles, sewed the chalk cloth onto some black felt (for stability), and sewed the triangles to a piece of bias tape. I have lots of the fabric left - I might make a few sets for gifts. The number of triangles are perfect for lots of events (Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Welcome Baby, Welcome Home, Happy Wednesday, etc.)

I know that chalkboards are a trend right now, but they are a trend I don't mind embracing. After all, I love a decor item that I can easily change up! 


  1. I had abut 20 of these chalkboards last year that I worked on selling. Bummer. I would have loved to have sent you several...