Monday, June 3, 2013

Chalk Art is not for the faint of heart...or the perfectionist!

I decided to jump on the "chalkboard wall" bandwagon. Everyone is doing it!

It seemed that this little triangle wall going down my basement steps would make the perfect place to try out this design trend. And if I wasn't pleased - it would also be a small enough area to "fix."

Even though I love the effect - I just wasn't willing to commit to a huge black wall. So, I started small. This little area is right around the corner from our door to the garage.

Therefore, it is passed frequently. It seemed to be the perfect place for a little chalkboard fun.

I purchased one quart of chalkboard paint from Walmart for just under $10. It was a quick space to paint. I used a small foam roller - I found the paint to be a little more runny than normal paint.

After two coats (waiting 4 hours in between each coat), I was pleased with the blackness. It seemed to cover the yellow easily. Now came the hard part...I had to wait 7 days before I could write on my space (per the instructions on the can). After the week of waiting, I covered the space with chalk, rubbing a plain stick of white chalk held on it's side over the entire surface. This will prevent your first drawn message/image from being permanently visible on your chalkboard.

Then, I got to work. I googled chalkboard quotes/chalkboard art and started copying other's work, tweaking it in certain areas. I kept getting frustrated. Not with the drawings, but with the eraser marks. ha. If I messed up a word, I hate that it was obvious how I had to erase just that little section. I really started the whole quote over twice, just to avoid some smudges. After a couple tries, I gave in to the eraser marks. Maybe one day I will figure it out. I mean, nap time is only so long...and I've got a lot more projects to work on. I can't just keep erasing. There has to be a stopping point!

The first quote stayed up for a few days.  (pictured at the top of the post). This morning, I decided to try a new message.

My favorite part of the new quote is the "grateful" word. I'm sure in a few days I will try something else! At least it is stretching me artistically.

Have any of you added a chalkboard wall to your home? What do you use yours for? I am thinking this little triangle of a space would also make a good place to keep our to-do list for the home. Maybe with a "his" and "hers" section.

I'd love to soon add a chalkboard wall to my kitchen. I'm no longer afraid. After all, there are some really good primers out there if I change my mind!

I recently spotted this kitchen remodel. I've decided a black wall would feature my growing milk glass collection nicely! I'm on the hunt for new pieces at yard sales and thrift stores.

Be sure to check out the whole kitchen here



  1. LOVE the chalkboard and LOVE the idea of a black wall to display the milk glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have some sweet art skills! You like the kitchen because it has Annie in it :)