Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday We-do: Kid's Chalkboard Table

I've decided to start something new...on Wednesdays, I'm hoping to post ideas from other creative people out there, featuring projects where someone has re-done something. It may be repainting some furniture they already may be remaking something vintage.  Regardless, it will be an inexpensive idea that will be simple for us to duplicate. And so...I will start calling it "Wednesday We-do".  

Regina brings us our first project - this adorable Kid's Chalkboard Table

She started with just a $3 Ikea end table from Goodwill. Her only other supply was a can of chalkboard spray paint (usually around $5), making this an adorable $8 project that I am sure will be loved for years to come.

After the black chalkboard spray paint is applied and dried, you can write or draw away. Then, simply wipe clean and start over.

Her daughter seems to be loving her new "station."

I can also imagine it to be a great place to keep score for family game night. 

Or a fun little homework station. 

What would you use this little table for? It's got me thinking about painting the top portion of my coffee table with a little chalkboard paint. 

Thanks, Regina, for sharing your idea! 

If you have an idea that you would like to be considered for Wednesday We-do's, email pictures and a description (or a link to your blog post) to  I look forward to seeing your submissions.  

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