Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy DIY Chalkboard

When I mentioned here that I had one more kitchen project...this isn't it. I have one more big project in mind for the kitchen, but that doesn't mean it's the last thing to decorate in that room. This was a spur of the moment project I tackled after seeing it on a crafty blog, Madigan Made. Through Pinterest, I have discovered so many ideas - but one of my favorite aspects of Pinterest is its help in directing me to more blogs. When I see a pin that is my style, I tend to spend some time browsing the newly discovered blog in hopes of finding a super fun project.

During my browsing, I fell in love with this this large chalkboard that kept appearing in pictures - after a little more digging, I discovered an easy tutorial here. The very same day that I found this tutorial, I called my BFF/neighbor and ran to our local Goodwill. (Side note: I love having one within 5 minutes of my house!)

We found this lovely frame for $6.99. I was hoping to only pay around $5 for the frame, but this one had a nice frame and a very sturdy hanging wire on the back. Jeremiah always loves when I find something that is easy to hang on the wall. I am forever finding things to hang and begging Jeremiah to find a way to keep it on the wall.

Please ignore my brown shoes and black pants. And yes, my Brazil pedicure is still hanging on nicely. Read about that here.

I simply wiped the entire thing down well and covered the frame with blue painter's tape.

I know that someone took great care to preserve this poster...But it held no sentimental value to me. Since I didn't want to mess with the awesomely strong hanging wire on the back, I left this 1984 poster in its frame. I might add, however, great things came into this world in 1984! It might have been easier to paint the glass out of the frame, but since I wasn't trying to salvage the poster, I decided to just tape up the frame. And, I guess, if I ever decide I wanted the is nicely preserved inside the glass. But I don't see myself ever needing this poster.

I then took my taped frame down to my favorite spray paint tree.

I sprayed 4 to 5 thin coats of Chalkboard Spray Paint. I purchased the can at Walmart for around $3. It was love at first spray - I am now looking for more things to spray, making then into a chalkboard.

Painting the frame with some leftover indoor semi-gloss white paint made my project look very much like my inspiration picture. My husband hung it in our kitchen last night. He kept marveling at the sturdy hanging wire, making me quite glad that I didn't try to take the frame apart. Before writing on the chalkboard, I "primed" the board by coloring the entire board with chalk using the side of one piece (per the can's instructions).

It seems to tie the black elements of our kitchen (such as my appliances and kitchen chairs) together nicely.

Items Used
20" by 30" frame from Goodwill..............$6.99
Chalkboard Spray Paint from Walmart......$3.24
Semi-Gloss White Paint from garage.........FREE

Total Cost - $10.23

It's another part of my house that makes me smile.

Have any of you tried Chalkboard Spray Paint? It worked wonderfully on the glass. I am wondering how it works on other surfaces.

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