Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Chalkboard Fun

When I feel that I've been at home too much, changed too many diapers, or just feel restless, I paint. Some ask, "What does Jeremiah think of all your painting?" Well, he knows I clean it up all by myself - so he doesn't mind :) I figure some people feel the need to shop with they feel restless. Others may want to travel. I like to do both of those things - but when I'm stuck at home, I paint. And with all the free paint from Lowe's and ACE lately, I have a few colors to choose from! I think I get this need to paint from my mother - she is also constantly telling me things she has painted or wants to paint.  I figure, if it doesn't turn out or if I don't like the results, I can always paint over it!

The other day, I was feeling like I needed a project. Many years ago (8 years ago, to be exact) I had purchased a large wooden box/crate from the department store where I worked.

Although many would have purchased this crate for the "nice" tribute to the Titanic painted on the top, I purchased it because it had a crack and was missing part of the latch, and they marked it waaaaaaaay down in price. After it was all said and done, I paid less than $2 for the box.

I had always thought that I could easily paint over the lid. The Titanic theme just doesn't match my decor. Obviously, I took my time getting around to this project.  I have used it for storage throughout the years, but usually UNDER a coffee table or UNDER a shelf so that I could hid the Titanic.

Hudson is growing up, sitting up, and constantly moving.

He is always going as far as he can, getting away with as much as he can - basically, pushing up against all boundaries.

So, by the time I get him to bed each night, the living room floor is covered in toys. I may not get everything picked up all the time, but I do like knowing there is a "place" for everything to be put up. This box was just holding some note cards and old magazines. It seemed to be the perfect spot for all these little toys to be stored in between play times.

So, during a nap, I gathered my supplies.

1. $2 Wooden Box
2. Frog Tape
3. Paint Brush
4. Chalk Board Paint
I then taped around the boarder of the painted area.

I also taped the underside of the crack - so that my paint would not drip down into the box.

I followed the directions on the can, applying two thin coats of chalkboard paint (letting it dry the appropriate amount of time in between coats).

After a few days, I cured the chalkboard area. I think it will be a fun little place for Hudson to doodle or practice spelling words in the future.

For now, it is a great place for me to place all his little toys under the library cart in my living room. I like knowing there is a place for all those little plastic keys, teething rings, and rattles. And the next time I feel like I need a project, I might draw something fun on the chalkboard area.

I love that chalk art isn't permanent. I recently updated my kitchen chalkboard (See how easy it is to make the chalkboard here). I found my inspiration here.

I thought I would leave you with a few tips I've learned when drawing your own chalkboard art.

1. White Vinegar cleans up the smudges. If I make a mistake while drawing, I erase the area with a paper-towel that has white vinegar on it.

2. Dip your chalk in water - once it dries, you will be left with a bolder line.

3. Realize that you can't copy someone else's handwriting exactly. (Or at least I can't). I know what things I can draw. So, I make the saying/drawing reflect what I know I can do. I tried over an over to add the fork and knife to this drawing to make the circle in the middle look like a plate - but they looked AWFUL. So, in the end, I left them out.

4. That chalkboard compass that your teacher used in elementary make excellent circles. That's what I used for the initial circle. I'm now hunting for a protractor and one of those things that draws the penmanship lines on a chalkboard.

5. Display it in a location where you can enjoy it, and when you get tired of it - draw something new! Since I like to change up my decorations so frequently, chalk art is perfect for me!

What tips have you discovered? Or What have you painted with chalkboard paint lately? Or What do you do when you feel restless? Does anyone else feel the need to paint? 


  1. You are on a roll with posts! I did paint the top of a cigar box with paint so that I could use it for other things. I love using things that need a good reuse and make them into something new!

  2. I am in love with your kitchen chalk art!! You are so talented! Chalk art is not my spiritual gift...I think I'll try it in Photoshop and order a giant print...we'll see where your inspiration leads :)