Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Place for Everything...At least, that's the plan...

I like things organized. I always joke that I can sleep better at night if the house is in order. Does that mean that everything is always neat, tidy and company ready? Um, no!

My parents visited us for a few days last week. We had a great time shopping, playing with Hudson and spending time together.

My mom, who doesn't like to just sit around, wanted to know what projects she could help me with. Immediately, my mind went to the guest room closet. Up until this point, the guest room closet has housed all my craft supplies. From the sewing machine to my Cricut to boxes of fabric bits, the space had no rhyme or reason. As long as I could get the closet doors shut when a guest stayed over, I was satisfied.

With our Little Miss on the way (due in September), the guest room is about to be transformed into the nursery. That closet could no longer stay that way! Mom helped me get things going in the right direction. We organized, we threw away, and we moved the stuff all around. Since the space isn't finished yet, I didn't take photos or our progress (who wants to see my mess, anyways?)

But I did start thinking about different areas in our home that I have organized in the past. And, for the most part, once I get a space organized, it seems I am able to get it back to that stage fairly quickly. Life happens and stuff doesn't always get put away. But in the end, I know that these areas have ways they are supposed to look - and I can usually get them back to "organized" with little effort.

1. The Refridgerator.

Just last week, I had a spill on one of the shelves. I was so easy to remove the items on the shelf and simply rinse off the placemat.

2. My pantry. Groceries come and go - but having a place for everything sure helps.

Making the most of this closet has saved me much frustration.

3. The Card Catalog.

Since my craft supplies are needing to find new homes, I am in the process of relabeling the drawers.

I probably have 1/3 of this cabinet still waiting to be filled. I love that I can easily re-label if the drawer contents change.

4. Toy Rotation. As Hudson grows, so does his toy collection. As I mentioned here, he can only play with so many toys at one time. As I pulled out a basket of train tracks today, it was as if he had been given something brand new.

And, Hudson would much rather "organize" his toys than play with them.

His idea of playing with blocks is putting them back in the basket. Maybe soon he'll be big enough to organize an area of his own!

5. Recipes.

I am so glad that I quit hanging on to all those recipe books! I would honestly just be using one or two recipes from each book - Now, when I find a recipe that we like, I try to immediately write it on a card and place it in the file.

6. My address file. Again, its great to only have to look in one place.

I also love that if I need to remove a card and re-write an address, I'm not left with marked-out places in an address book. With the individual cards, this file stays neat and tidy looking.

7. Pretty drawer liners. I still keep a space nicer if it is cute. And by using wrapping paper, these are super easy to switch out if they get ripped or messy.

Plus, as mom and I organized my "stuff" she discovered my hoarding problem when it comes to those $1 rolls of paper from Target. I'm forbidden to purchase any more rolls until I use some of what I have on hand. Guess I'll be re-lining some drawers soon!

8. Notecards.

This is my grandmother's card file, but I use a basket in a similar way.

9. Emptying the sink at night. Before I go to bed, I try to empty the sink of dirty dishes. It sure makes the morning seem less daunting if the sink isn't piled high with dirty dishes. (This is a trick I learned from my Nanny).

Little by little, if I keep attacking areas of clutter, this house might be in order...someday. This afternoon, I plan to tackle the linens. Why in the world are they spread all over the house when I have a pretty good sized linen closet in the hall bath?

How do you manage the piles in your home? How do you motivate yourself?

You might also find some encouragement or good ideas from this guest post written by Jeremiah's Aunt Joy. Let's manage our chaos instead of being consumed by it! 


  1. I need to go empty my sink right now! I don't like doing that job. Scott is so good about helping me out in that area, thankfully! It is one way I can show him love because he likes when it is empty!

    1. I need to empty mine too...I will before I go to bed, though!